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  1. Would all the wee lassies arguing take their handbags outside and let us get back to talking about football in here? Anyway..... Id take Daly. He would be a leader on the park and would add something different to the team
  2. Can anyone else smell that? Im sure ive smelled it before.... Its fucking reeking whatever it is.... Ah yeah; thats what i can smell.........Taig. -- Ban this numpy!
  3. You gotta be joking (stuck in work with no radio)
  4. Little in for Kyle and Mckay in for Sandaza and I like that team.
  5. Id go with that team but Little in for Sandaza. Bit harsh to drop him after his form last season i think.
  6. Dont think so m8 as the asset sale goes through prior to liquidation.
  7. Was the Jelavic not 800 pages? I remember that thread, epic is the only word to describe it!!!
  8. BT whats happening with this thread? I've not followed it the whole way through, why is everyone talking about PM's? Lol Thanks
  9. Whats happening with this? Is it being sent out by PM or just posted in this thread?
  10. Whats happening with this? Is it being sent out by PM pr just posted in this thread?
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