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  1. WMT

    Alexa knows!

    Dunno, but she will sing GSTQ..
  2. WMT

    Alexa knows!

    Mine must be broke too!
  3. Outstanding defensive display. Czechs had 70% possession but were limited to a couple of half chances. I'll be really fucked off after all that if we meet Italy or someone decent in the play offs! GAWA
  4. WMT

    Glasgow Uni RSC Podcast

    Most of the young Prods tend to travel rather than go to taig infested Queens. Full of scum from Strabane, Newry, Londonderry etc. who got an A level in RE, decide to do some nonsense course with all their mates, don't attend any lectures, get their grant, then drink it. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool seem very popular with ours..
  5. WMT

    Glasgow Uni RSC Podcast

    My daughter went there. Lots of her friends there too, all from good Ulster Prod stock..
  6. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    Isn't "the cousin of my two sons" your nephew? Or do catholics work differently?
  7. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    Precisely. She changed the face of this country for the worse, where greed is now king and fuck you if you fall by the wayside. Someone called her a psychopath earlier. As, by definition, a psychopath is someone unable to show empathy, I think she fitted the bill. Ps. I forgot she also took the free milk from primary school kids, the only source of calcium etc some of them ever got.
  8. WMT

    Lee Rigby - Bheasts being the scum they are

    McAdam and Jones, two fine Oirish name's from the oul country. Fucking pathetic!
  9. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    She gets lauded for standing up to the IRA and facing down the hunger strikers. If a British Prime Minister had done anything else at the time, it would've been political suicide (unlike the hunger strikers, which was just suicide!) If anything she was what you Scots call a "shitebag". If half of my cabinet had been blown up in an IRA bomb, I certainly would not be giving any say in part of the UK to a country which harbored the bastards, and refused to extradite them! I would've ordered border incursions to capture them!! When you have a dispute with your employer, and find out the union is powerless to help you, when your kid goes on a waiting list for an op and you find out it will be months, thank her, the run down of the NHS started then. When you hear of investment bankers being awarded obscene bonuses, when you are paying exorbitant amounts of rent to a private landlord because there are no council houses, blame her, she sold them off. She started the "i'm alright, Jack" culture which prevails in Britain today.
  10. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    It was the pre-cursor for the Good Friday agreement. The first step. Without it we wouldn't have terrorists released from jail to walk the streets, while the Security forces are held accountable for the death of every IRA scumbag during the troubles.. I was here along with 250,000 others. Maggie wasn't a hero to us then..
  11. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    She also signed the Anglo Irish Agreement, giving the Republic say in our affairs for the first time ever...
  12. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    "A coachload of football hooligans pulled up an started singing anti IRA songs and God Save The Queen". How very dare they in their own town in the UK!!
  13. WMT

    Tommy Robinson

    I'm not one to normally subscribe to Celtic controlling the media in Scotland, but holy fuck! http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/police-arrest-19-fans-in-sunderland-v-celtic-clashes-1-4517618
  14. E mail sent. Not my normal form, but fight fire with fire..
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4698108/Loyalist-Linfield-Irish-Nationalists-Celtic.html How the fuck can they possibly get away with writing this?