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  1. See what you get playing positive forward passes,we are too tentative .
  2. We can pick on one or two players performances as usual but we may need to change tactics once in a while ,too predictable .
  3. This ,if we ignore him he'll be shown up as playing to/for the other lot.
  4. We have zero belief now ,massive drop in confidence.cant even do the basics.
  5. We never got the answer to our drop in form after our Dubai trip, similar at mo so should be easy to identify unless the slump then wasn't identified.
  6. This is similar to our loss of form after our Dubai trip ,this was never explained as Covid curtailed the season , now lessons should have been learned then ,and if it happened again intervention should have been swifter. Unfortunately we seem to be caught up in that malaise again which is unacceptable as lessons should have been learned. If players go AWOL or are off form they need dropped /systems adapted etc.Management need to be clinical in dealing with these situations.
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