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  1. Pretty funny in one way but not actually good news ,he was doing a great job........for us.
  2. This will be a loan move - everybody needs to calm down - backup to start with but may do the business - patience with Beattie obviously wearing thin.
  3. This should have been addressed long before now - 3 or 4 seasons of trying to shoehorn in players out of position or ill suited , yes we need cover in other positions but this mis management of left mid continues to bite us , Of the current personnel it looks like Wilde should be given a try out ,at least in th CIS cup game - we need balance/symmetry through the team - players to be played in their natural positions.
  4. If we had got a draw there would have been criticism of the ref over this incident ,just goes to show that even the top ref's in the premier competition have their work cut out for them , This incident might strengthen the SFA ref's case or will certain quarters now claim institutional bias towards Rangers outwith Scotland is rife also.If we had got a result then it would have been funny as fuck with a non Scottish ref embroiled in a 'dodgy' decision scenario.
  5. My nerves are shredded - what a week - well earned rest for the lads hopefully - Fuck the SPL and their scheduling - you cant keep us down . Wee Naisy take a bow - yee ha
  6. Cheers for posting this , sums it up - I was the OP on this one and been called a 'timmy' and a 'prick' by fellow gers but was only trying to get a message across - THEY DONT LIKE US - DO WE CARE
  7. Realise its the TV money but surely with a bit of imagination we could have been better accomodated - SAT lunch time game even . I am probably still bitter from the Manchester run in when i consider the league stolen from us.
  8. Playing on a Sunday away then Sat lunch time away - they had better not spout pish about wanting to help Scottish teams /coefficients etc. In a sane world we would be assisted in every way - I thought it was evident we tired after about an hours slog on a heavy pitch - it was evident which team were better rested . Surely it would have been fairer to schedule the fixtures for us to have played Sat before /Sun after but no it has to be the hardest way possible - not many other countries would be like this . Better not whinge too much or sporting integrity will raise its ugly head WELL DONE RA
  9. Hutton couldn't get a start last night after a decent subs appearance on saturday, Naughton was rotten last night - only a kid i know but Rednapp obviously doesnt fancy Hutton - A move required methinks.
  10. Would rather have Burke back
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