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  1. We just weren't smart enough over the two games unfortunately.
  2. That's my point about mcmanaman,saying this is a step up when leicester are miles above them in their league, he is awful.
  3. Steve mcmanaman is the worst commentator , Slavia beat leicester then Rangers but this is a harder challenge,ffs leicester are miles better than arsenal this year ,hopeless commentator.
  4. Hagi so frustrating lots of talent but poor decision making.
  5. Just said the same ,Aribo and Hagi slipping down the pecking order.
  6. Him on one wing Kent on another ,if both on form will be awesome .
  7. Pity there's no young centre mid to pick up a run out tonight.
  8. Hes an ex player fair enough football apprenticeship and all that ,no degree in journalism, politics or physiology(specialising in biomechanics) this sums up whats wrong having a face as an ex footballer shouldn't allow a person to become an armchair expert. We as a club on football issues and wider topics shouldn't entertain non qualified pundits certainly non biased ones.
  9. All very well saying Howe versus Gerrard, it's about the whole managerial team and wider backroom staff gelling,takes a while to set up , we seem pretty settled in that department 😃,hope Kennedy and Strachan are retained by them though.
  10. Not sure ,he is well thought of and in the England set up but the strikers on their books are brutal ,must know the new manager.
  11. Aberdeen getting a specialist forward coach, does he know what he's got to work with?
  12. Hope to see him score again especially in front of fans.
  13. Strange game tonight the 1-1 score line always frightens me as they only need a goal anytime to come right back into it.I don't think we'll protect the away goal so it may be a nerve shredder.
  14. Paddy Power advert for Cheltenham with Peter Crouch ,this pops up.
  15. Only position for Aribo is front right ,man down in midfield .
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