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  1. 10000 children supervised by adults at a ratio of 10 to 1. So a thousand grown up racists were there to lead by example
  2. Politicising the press, politicising the National impartial broadcaster, politicising the police and judiciary. See it yet?
  3. Thread title of the year goes to….. @DBBTB 👏👏
  4. Who the feck is commentating on BBC Radio Scotland? Honestly, you’d think it was vintage Barcelona that had just played. Absolutely feckin nauseating
  5. He wants them to come to Scotland. Scotland is open to all, a free and welcoming country that cares for your welfare and will look after you….we’ll even give you a vote once you’re settled so you can help shape your own future….vote SNP
  6. Note the “SNP Spokesperson” wouldn’t condemn the tweet, instead chooses to attack those who are critical of the tweet. Horrible bastards
  7. So he knew….did nothing about it….and left his son in harm’s way. Hope his son disowns him.
  8. Looks like Robbie Savage and sounds like Yogi Hughes 🤮 Rattle away Gus 😂
  9. Whether their black players had an inkling to support their team mate, these fans leave them in no doubt whatsoever as to what they think of them. If i was black and played for them, I’d have something to say, and would even consider my position. I assume the club has come out and condemned these actions on behalf of their own black players?
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