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  1. Looks like Robbie Savage and sounds like Yogi Hughes 🤮 Rattle away Gus 😂
  2. Whether their black players had an inkling to support their team mate, these fans leave them in no doubt whatsoever as to what they think of them. If i was black and played for them, I’d have something to say, and would even consider my position. I assume the club has come out and condemned these actions on behalf of their own black players?
  3. Nobody cottoned on yet? This isn’t about football, this about a grandstanding opportunity to paint unionism as bad and unionists as a danger to general society that requires “strong leadership” to protect decent, law abiding citizens. This is political posturing, and nobody dares ask the question.
  4. “Not Our Problem” They should translate that to Latin and put it under the badge on the boys clubs strips
  5. Think we should be buying some disco lights.
  6. Do you honestly think he came out with that of his own accord? He’s been used as a stooge so it can’t be laid at the snp door. Watch out for the tweak to the green deal next month
  7. The truth doesn’t matter. Politicians will keep saying it, and when you control the message as they do then it’s the only message that gets heard. Of course, a compliant police force who are quite happy to point at a bogeyman to cover their own arses helps reinforce that lie. Soon, the lie becomes the truth.
  8. She did that to “show leadership” and back up her deputy. In the eyes of the government and the sheepy followers, it just reinforces the narrative that unionists are generally bad, irresponsible people. Parks letter is great, but it will be largely ignored
  9. SNP doing what they do shocker. That bastion of Britishism in Scotland must be shown to be irresponsible and an enemy and danger to the good and ordinary Scottish citizen. An opportunity to denigrate "anti-nationalist Brits" that was never going to be missed. In all the things that's happened in the last few months....from nationalist gatherings and demonstrations, republican marches, BLM marches, protests bordering on riots at glitterdome, hundreds of cellic fans congregating at Hampden, hundreds of St.Johnstone fans gathering and celebrating in Perth, pictures of Scotland fans partying
  10. Yup, and calling them out as liars.
  11. Beaton told him to speak to him inside...as Stevie pointed out, for COVID reasons he can’t....they were in different stands!
  12. That was weird. There was a substitution going on at the time
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