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  1. “the rule is a little grey, can see why it happened and it's an easy mistake to make, so we’ve tidied it up....from now on though blah blah blah”
  2. Huge credit to the manager for learning from last week...two tough away games....9 goals and one freakish concession.
  3. You know that the worst that will happen is “the rule is a little grey, we’ll tidy it up....from now on though blah blah blah”
  4. Was in the car so don’t know who was talking, apparently Frimpong was super duper and poor Doige for Hibs had a torrid time against “the best full back in the league, 5 men wouldn’t have stopped him today”. Is this them starting the sales pitch?
  5. The one central midfielder who will break forward ahead of the ball. What we’ve been crying out for someone to be doing
  6. Jumper jersey or island jersey?
  7. It's not, it's actually a belter.
  8. Like tying Usain Bolts laces then still expecting him to win because he's Usain Bolt.
  9. It's really not. It's a handicap race. What's incredible is expecting the handicap to be overcome without proportionate support.
  10. Any Rangers manager, no matter who it is, will struggle to win the league in the current circumstances.
  11. Every post I’ve read of yours has a smell of stale Lynx Africa barely covering the aroma of month old BO and unwiped shite.
  12. Sorry, don't buy that. Our players simply aren't allowed to respond in the traditional way.... And even when our management call it out, see what happens. That's a whole different thread though!
  13. Was it Fergie that said "if 50% of your signings are a success you're doing well".... Is this another area where we're going to hold our manager to a higher standard than everyone else? If you want to increase the success rate, guess what, shop in a better market with more money.
  14. It really is pretty simple. They're generally ahead of us in quality and squad depth. Cold light of day that's just a fact. But we're close enough to them that our players now believe they can compete and beat them. We can raise our game... When it comes to the rest of the league against us and them, they're just that bit too far ahead so are much more consistent against the dross. Consistency comes with better players. Better players cost more money (generally). And when others raise their game against us and frustrate us for long enough they know they've got a chance. We've le
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