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  1. 1. Mhairi McKenzie Good fan but just not suitable 2. Christine Sommerville Definitely not suitable 3. Gavin bell Don't know this chap 4.Craig Houston Shouldn't even be on the list 5.Andy Kerr I'd be surprised if AK even applied 6. Gary Ralston Possibility due to his CV 7.Greg Marshall Too much recent history with C1872. 8. Alan Harris Not suitable 9 Iain McColl? Not enough information
  2. It's the Motherwell game he is talking about. His details say he lives in Kirkcaldy.
  3. Ashley couldn't give a damn about our money for merchandise.because this spat between him and King became personal. We fans don't have the clout to even slightly irritate Ashley. Ashley and King are both bullies in my opinion.
  4. Perhaps but that was a considerable time after King telling us all he would attend to Ashley. Unfortunately (for us), King does not have the clout of Ashley when it comes down to a power game.
  5. No contract is watertight if both parties reach an alternative agreement.
  6. There is nothing really startling in the interview. He hopes to get a deal done with Sports Direct but he told us that would be sorted out a couple of years ago. I hope this time he is is right. As for the £30m, not much of it is his money as far as anyone can ascertain. It does clarify that CG was angling for a blazer although God knows what all the spreadsheet stuff could have been about.
  7. Valid criticism of King does not equate to some form of love for Ashley. Frankly I wish both of them were not involved with Rangers.
  8. Do you not think King would have been better to have tried negotiation instead of aggression at the very outset?
  9. If King hadn't been so loud-mouthed at the start then Ashley may not have been so bloody-minded. With Ashley's track record he was always likely to be stubborn if he perceived he was being insulted or challenged. Careful negotiation was always going to be the only way to get a resolution if it was to be at all possible. Judging by the tone of the latest outpouring from King there has hopefully been dialogue between RFC and SD. Having said that, it may just be wishful thinking by DK.
  10. You will be "on trial" until you prove yourself worthy on here.
  11. These team names both end with a "D" so it's an easy mistake to make.
  12. Not my thing Pete, so no worries on that score.
  13. I would honestly do the SLO job for nothing. Labour of love for me.
  14. I won't disagree. Quite ridiculous if it happens..
  15. Yes I was there with a couple of my pals. We went down on a bus from Rutherglen Think it may have been King Street. Ron Harris testimonial game. Jardine scored the only goal. Happy days.
  16. This has turned into an absolute shambles and it is of the Club's directors own making. They had the RFB in place but decided not to use it but instead opted to set up C1872 supposedly as an independent group. It is obvious that CH and CG in particular would be heavily involved with C1872. They all somehow managed to get the very successful RF to amalgamate with the poor relation which was the RST scheme. They should have left both organisations as they were. Certain people's egos are killing C1872 as is the obvious influence from the RFC board. I will wager that membership numbers and income have greatly reduced. The presence of certain individuals within C1872 is not going to unite the fan base. These people are aware of that but do not care enough for Rangers to step aside. I will not be surprised if the posts of Supporters Liaison and Social Media Officers are to be filled by divisive people previously known to most.
  17. With the SLO being the proposed only point of contact, it will only leave shareholders who will get to ask questions of the board.
  18. Are you not able to ask for shares to be transferred into your own name?
  19. Fantastic???? Were you at the game caller?? We were reasonably good today but Accies were awful. We also became sloppy at times when the players seemed to think the game was over.
  20. The club should actually do nothing because C1872 is supposed to be independent. Of course I am being flippant because C1872 is anything but independent.
  21. We do need to keep a sense of proportion though. As the title says: "It was only Hamilton"
  22. You need to ask the RFC board, Gilligan, Robertson etc as they set it up as a totally independent organisation with only one RFC board member on the C1872 board.
  23. Not for one minute do I think that McLeish should get the DoF job but in fairness to him he did sign some decent players as well. Arteta, Boumsong, Andrews, Prso, Novo, Buffel, Ferguson, Kyrgiakos, Waterreus, Boyd. I also thought that Thompson, Hemdani and Namouchi all did a reasonable job for us. It's all about opinions though.
  24. I appreciate that McLeish signed some howlers but look at the Le Guen list. Karl Svensson Makhtar N'Diaye William Stanger Ponroy Lionel Letizi Jeremy Clement Libor Sionko Sasa Papac Filip Sebo Dean Furman
  25. Speak for yourself. Should you not be at work anyway.