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  1. This attitude I find strange albeit it seems not uncommon but only with particular tops. Before I go on, I'm older that the OP but I wear a Gers top playing football and going to Rangers games. I sometimes wear a top when on holiday but then I don't usually take holidays in the popular resorts so nobody takes much notice. . Now back on my response to this poster FSM, I would doubt very much if you would be so anti-football top if it was some unknown or even just lesser known and less obvious team. People say nothing about other sports club tops such as US football, baseball and ice hockey.
  2. UEFA supposedly told Rangers that KO would definitely be before 18.00 hrs. Now 18.45 KO. Typical shambles.
  3. Yes you can.
  4. http://www.flyhahn.com/frankfurt-hahn-airport/luxembourg-frankfurt-hahn-airport-bus-route-timetable.htm https://www.flibco.com/en#/booking http://www.checkmybus.com/frankfurt-hahn-airport/luxembourg-city
  5. All my trips since 1993 have been independently arranged and have generally involved making a holiday of sorts out of it. Between 3 and 5 day breaks. Not cheap but part holiday anyway.
  6. I'll save you going through the SPFL rules, what it basically says is this: Whatever Liewell and tim FC say is what you will all abide by.
  7. Ryanair: Prestwick to Stanstead Mon 3 July @ 20.50 cost £33.99 Stanstead to Frankfurt Hahn Tues 4 July @ 07.30 cost £21.59 Frankfurt Hahn to Stanstead Wed 5 July @ 06.30 cost £21.59 Stanstead -to Prestwick Wed 5 July @ 16.00 cost £17.09 Total for flights £94.26
  8. Signing the new retail deal.
  9. Finally. Great news at long last.
  10. I love this kind humour on RM. Made me laugh as soon as I read it. Nice one.
  11. RFC web site states that Broomloan season tickets DO NOT include tims game.
  12. Why not get him a current top?
  13. CCCS but sadly going to miss that night.
  14. No that is at the top of the stairs at the Copland Road end leading down to Cairnlea Drive & Harrison Drive.
  15. Thanks mate I thought I had read something a while ago where it made reference to seeded teams being drawn at home in the first round. May have been speculation at the time.
  16. Does anyone know if seeded teams are drawn at home in the first leg?
  17. His cry was: 'Ere 'e spearmint chewing gum, chocolate, macaroon bars!!!! Translation: There are the spearmint chewing gum, M&B chocolate bars, macaroon bars. The way he shouted it made it sound as if it was just the one item. There was also the guy at the top of the stairs selling cheese rolls and spam rolls. He sold the spam as ham. Had them in a large cardboard egg box. The cheese rolls were edible but I always felt you took a chance with the spam ones.
  18. Is it not now 2 years since King and his pals took control and DK promised the fans that he would "sort out" the retail deal with Ashley. Here we are heading into a third season under their control and we are still not encouraged by our own board to buy our own merchandise.
  19. Gabby Amato did that when he came on against the tims and then ran riot against them. Scored one and made another if I remember correctly.
  20. The OP can start a new thread with an actual point relevant to Rangers.
  21. The thread title does say board and manager though. There is cause for optimism although I do wonder how we are raising the cash.
  22. That has been my thinking since our interest was announced.
  23. Obviously I hope he does well with us but 3 goals in 33 appearances in Benfica's reserves doesn't fill me with optimism.
  24. One problem may be a work permit though.
  25. I can't believe that some people think Whyte was used as a patsy.