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  1. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

  2. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    They could save a lot of the money if they ditched the grandstand element. We have other far more demanding priorities for that money. Don't "mate "me along with saying I'm being pissy because you are clearly being disingenuous. If you think that half a million being spent on this farce is money well spent for us at this time then you are in serious need of some help. The stadium needs money spent, Edmiston House needs money spent, the team needs money spent and we need to spend to get a new manager in. All that but you think a wee grandstand at Auchenhowie is the way to go.
  3. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    It is a waste of money.
  4. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    I don't think so.
  5. Full rebuild required

    A decent manager would get more from the current squad although we do need some additions. Murty is useless but it is the board's fault for putting him in temporary charge and leaving him there.
  6. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    What spectators would that be?
  7. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Who is going to sit in it?
  8. Murty and these December games

    Murty was never the answer. Today was not a surprise if you had watched the Ross County game and the midweek game at Easter Road. Far too many deluded themselves into believing we had turned a corner of some sort. Murty hasn't a clue in my opinion and I said that last season when he did his temp.
  9. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    How is describing a small grandstand as a small grandstand facetious? I wasn't being even slightly flippant. It will apparently hold about 250 seats or thereabouts. That is a small grandstand. Yes there will be some changing facilities underneath but effectively it will be a useless small grandstand.
  10. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    As a club we have far more outstanding issues than the requirement of a small grandstand at Auchenhowie. The Stadium is in need of a considerable sum to be spent on it. That has been acknowledged by everyone. Edmiston House is sitting doing absolutely nothing. We could turn that into a revenue raising asset. If it was up to me I'd convert the bottom into the Club shop, middle would be a sports bar/cafe and top deck a club museum. We have probably the greatest history of any football club and our fan base would turn out to visit the museum. If you have to go via the shop many would make a purchase. Stop off at the cafe/bar on the way out. Bar open for all home games where the club gets the income not local pubs.
  11. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Do you really think it is a useful purpose for the fans' money? You can't think of anything more suitable?
  12. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    If we spent in on stadium improvements or doing something useful with Edmiston House. A cafe/bar with a club museum which would generate income. I hate the amount of money our fans give to other pubs and eating establishments on a match day when we could generate more cash for ourselves.
  13. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Dear God, just NOOOO.
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    Spot on. My thoughts exactly.
  15. Junkies vs Rangers

    Are you seriously advocating Murty for the job??
  16. Junkies vs Rangers

    Miller was an enforced change. Basically we had 10 at the back. That was desperation not tactical ability. Delighted with a win but if you think tonight was tactical genius then you are truly kidding yourself.
  17. Junkies vs Rangers

    What did he change to win the game?
  18. Junkies vs Rangers

    "admit it"???? Are you for real?? What is that about. Murty is clueless and a lucky win tonight isn't going to change my mind. Hamilton and Dundee are only 4 games ago. Ross County was a scrape home win. First time around he was just as clueless and we had some awful results.. Maybe you think that is acceptable but I certainly don't.
  19. Junkies vs Rangers

    Results like Hamilton and Dundee? We were lucky tonight. He didn't know how to change it.
  20. Junkies vs Rangers

    I don't disagree with you there. We need a calming figure in the middle to tell players what to do. Headless chickens for much of tonight and it was embarrassing how easy that lot got past us. A great result from a shocking performance.
  21. Junkies vs Rangers

    Well that was a truly awesome result from a truly woeful performance. Our players were chasing shadows most of the second half. We cannot go on like that.
  22. Junkies vs Rangers

    Murty is certainly not the answer even short-term.
  23. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    I didn't say he made it up but I would want to know how he came by the info. It may just be rumour. Plenty football rumours turned out to be fake news.
  24. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    This. Why should we believe Edgar?
  25. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Where does that information come from?