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  1. Totally agree. The two fouls not awarded to us , one on Hagi then on Aribo, were particularly shocking decisions by the ref.
  2. Bolingoli was apparently seen at Scone Palace at Perth on Saturday afternoon.
  3. He couldn't lace Amoruso's boots. He's more like Kiernan than big Amo.
  4. Agreed but that is the football world in which we live. What really pisses me off is that a player we bought for £1m and from whose sale we stand to make a substantial profit gets criticised to such a degree by our own fans. We all knew he would be sold on sooner or later (actually now probably sooner). The problem has been that he is / was our main striker for 3 seasons and the focus of almost all attention in that period. Of course he hits a bad spell on occasion as does every striker but because we have no other option of his calibre (and I include Defoe in that category) then we struggle to score as a team. Add to that the shocking collapse in form of the entire team after the winter break two seasons in a row, then we had a recipe for failure , not just by Morelos but the whole first team squad. When he goes, I for one will miss him and I think as a team so will Rangers. I really hope I'm wrong with that.
  5. Leverkusen are a far better side, which isn't in doubt. Having said that, we basically capitulated from kick off last night. Kent has not lived up to the hype and cost for us, either on loan or after the permanent deal. Havertz missed two great chances for which Morelos or any other Rangers player would have been absolutely pilloried. Havertz is likely to be transferred for circa £80 million. They only won by one goal because we needed at least 3 at first then 4. That was never going to happen therefore Leverkusen had no need to up their game any further.
  6. If Gerrard played Morelos unfit and overweight because we had no other option as you imply, then we are in serious trouble.
  7. Everybody except McGregor played poorly.
  8. Did Gerrard not ask him to play a bit deeper last Saturday? If you think Morelos is unfit and out of shape and was chosen to play then we have the wrong management and fitness people.
  9. If he had been unfit and wildly out of shape then he wouldn't have been selected to play last night and it would have required him to have consumed an awful lot of beers and burgers since last Saturday when he played well at Aberdeen.
  10. Last night was the same 19-20 season. How many decent chances were created for Morelos last night? The whole team performed badly , not just Morelos. Any striker needs to have chances created by the rest of the team and we hardly created any at all. A top striker such as Lewandowski would have struggled to impress with what we created last night and all the games since January.
  11. They don't need to be World-beaters, just provide the drive, encouragement and have a bit of ability and be able to push the players on the field.
  12. You obviously miss my point(s).
  13. Supposing Morelos goes and we still under-perform who will get the flack? My issue is that Morelos appears to get all the blame when the entire team plays badly. After the New Year break, the team collapsed as a whole. Defensively we were awful, the midfield created next to nothing but Morelos got most of the criticism because he didn't score goals despite the fact the whole squad under-performed. The league games/results after the break tell their own story. As a team , I believe we played 10 games scoring only 11 goals but conceding 8. Of these Morelos played in 8 and one of those was only for the last 20 odd minutes. Judging by many posts on RM since the New Year, you could be forgiven for thinking that the team's form slump was all down to Morelos.
  14. Apart from McGregor most of the other players let us and themselves down. Morelos seems to get ALL the flack for our poor performances. No chances created for him and no support up front. It certainly wasn't his best game but it was a forlorn task for him tonight. I thought even at half time the heads were down and it was still nothing each. Our team is crying out for a driving midfielder who would be the captain and instil some fighting quality in the team.
  15. When you see that Ake has gone to Man City for £40 million we should sell Goldson to Bournemouth for £35 million and keep Alfredo.
  16. He isn't a captain and his all-round play has regressed in my opinion. For one thing, he appeared to play better when Candeias was in the team. No idea what has happened to his free kick ability and his crosses into the box. Defensively he blows hot and cold.
  17. Oh yes indeed. About 4 mins or so if I remember correctly. Gayfield was mobbed.
  18. In which case you get binned.
  19. That may have been on his debut at Arbroath.
  20. When you see the lack of success of these players it makes me question the worth of spending so much money on our youth set-up. When we do unearth a talented player they can walk away for very little compensation.
  21. I was down there for that Spurs game. (Not me in that film though )
  22. I spoke to Beaton not long after we had beaten the tims at Ibrox and after saying I thought he had a decent match, I then said I thought he had a howler against Hibs and he basically agreed.
  23. Do you seriously think that the "taking the knee" stuff in the UK will make any difference whatsoever? Second question, do you think that everyone questioning the effect and longevity of the symbolism of this issue is a moron? Watching the players now, they all seem to be just "going through the motions" on this and it has probably lost all effect at this point in time. They all seem to just want to get it over as quickly as possible, none more so than Alfredo who set off into the opposition half instead of doing the kneeling bit.
  24. The lack of any comment from us is worrying.
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