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  1. You would be wasting your time there mate. BTW Stewart Robertson just confirmed that they are hoping to sell the part of the Albion car park and use the cash for redevelopment at Edmiston House. His interview is on this
  2. That day had a major impact on my life as it finally put paid to religion for me. I don't wish to dwell on what I did and saw that day but suffice to say that it doesn't get any easier every passing year. The families of those who lost a loved one must go through hell every day. My thoughts are with them.
  3. No allegedly about it South Coast they have been aided by corruption on land deals for years. I have written numerous letters to GCC and others about their deals and either get fobbed off with lies or spurious claims that FOIs are not relevant. I could list them all for you.
  4. I think I may already have posted about this to you but I can't be certain it was you. The land will not be sold to anyone without planning permission having been granted (at least outline planning approval). The city council will not be buying the land as they have plenty other sites available to them nearer Govan Cross further down Broomloan Road. I very much doubt that Rangers would even contemplate selling to the council. This proposal looks like a development set up by Rangers and another private party as the housing isn't your typical part social development. I'm intrigued why you claim the land has been sold to the council.
  5. That land has not been sold to anyone as far as I am aware.
  6. Can't understand why any Bear would throw their toys out the pram and not still follow the Rangers. If anyone calls it a day then they cease to be the life blood of the Club. That last bit may sound harsh but the reality is that the club won't survive without the fans who continue to follow at Ibrox. As many may remember, I have been critical of our board on many occasions but I have been heartened by a fair number of recent moves (except MyGers which I think is utter crap). Our dossier should have galvanised more support from the other clubs but too many were happy to put up with blatant bias and corruption. If legal experts on RM can come up with grounds to take matters further without getting us expelled from the league then that may change. I won't hold my breath on that score.
  7. Thanks for the info mate.
  8. Pardon my ignorance but what is The Athletic? I've never heard of it.
  9. JCDBigBear


    As I understand the wording, as we three have all signed up for ALL non-season ticket home games including Friendlies and Euro then we qualify for inclusion for cup semi-finals and finals. We have decided not to go for away tickets in Scotland due to the number of gutless and bigoted clubs.
  10. JCDBigBear


    Three season tickets in my house. We don't want scarves as we already have scarves. Welcome packs are usually utter crap. I think the MyGers membership scheme is a slap in the face to thousands in our support. I may take it this year due to the £25 vouchers we are due but no intention of taking it up in subsequent years.
  11. There is no way we are building a multi-storey car park so that discussion is pretty pointless . A flat car park built at ground level doesn't cost anything like the sums quoted. The proposal may be by Rangers. or by a developer of our choice. I think it looks pretty good, it isn't very high and it doesn't affect the view of the Stadium. Any deal would generate some much needed capital which could be utilised elsewhere in the Club.
  12. Rangers Charity Foundation got a 25 year lease on the community centre.
  13. It won't seem like a damp squib to me if they both go. As I have stated to others, the failure to get an inquiry was not due to any lack of effort or evidence on our part. We have to adhere to the due process required by membership of the SPFL. The problem we hit was the gutless behaviour of 27 other clubs (or was it 29).
  14. Exactly what action is available for us to take? I can understand your frustration at the fact there is no inquiry but that is due to the gutless and biased other member clubs in the SPFL. In any other business the shareholders would have been clamouring for an inquiry. Rangers didn't hand the title to them, the SPFL did that. My love for Rangers is far stronger than my contempt for other clubs and the SPFL.
  15. They can afford to do it, we can't.
  16. Nobody has said the land has been sold. There may be a proposed deal in place but nothing will be concluded without planning consent.
  17. Exactly. It will not be very high at 4 storeys and will not obscure the view of the facade of our Main Stand. If they are of good quality materials and expensive finishing and fittings internally, then they will not be at the cheapest end of the market.
  18. I'm sorry but that is just nonsense mate. Only 4 storeys high and will only block the view if you like sitting in the current car park or work near the ugly gasometer. The design of red brick and the upper level arched windows is to be in concert with the main stand.
  19. I watched him play for Portsmouth and wasn't impressed. I thought he might improve with games down there . I think he is a yard too slow and isn't good enough for where we want to be. I think we really need better than Ross.
  20. Polster, Barker, Ross McCrorie , Murphy should definitely go in my opinion. I think Jones, Stewart and Kamberi should remain as we haven't seen enough of them in regular play. We need to make up our minds whether or not Middleton, Hastie and Docherty are ever going to feature for us and if not, move them on. I pray that Ojo is sent back to Liverpool. I'd probably sell Kamara as he is far too inconsistent. Tavernier should not be captain as he doesn't have the right qualities of leadership and if losing the captaincy will affect him then I'd sell. Our problem just now is that the transfer market will be seriously affected by the Covid situation.
  21. It doesn't say anything about the land having been sold nor does it say the council is involved (except the planning dept).
  22. Where is it reported that we have sold the land to the council?
  23. Rangers own the land. SDM sold it off years ago then we had to buy it back same with Edmiston House.
  24. You never see £80k flats mixed in with £500k houses so it can't be every development. I'm not suggesting any prices for these flats here , before anyone starts off.
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