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  1. He can Fuck off , had his chance and walked away , " we don't do walking away"
  2. Aye wee bit on light hearted fun , have rep well said .
  3. I think i am right in saying Adidas own Reebok , and as an aside taylormade golf.
  4. A company started by two brothers , who fell out , one formed adidas , the other pums and have to this day used near identical manufacturing process and both still based in the same town . Puma then taken over by the french retailer who owns the gucci brand , so think saying the gear is piss poor its of the mark . but have to agree if that was the shirt design , it would not be for me.
  5. And maybe jist maybe like ah said weeks ago Green is nae different tae whyte. Just a different M.O
  6. Am Feckin sick oh source , can we no have some Mayo , its near the summer
  7. Casey I think whyte was not expecting his bluff to be called , ( if indeed that is what has happened) the problem is that , if HMRC become a secured creditor ( lets assume 49mill ) there is no way in the world we can pay which would mean a phoenix company and unless the SPL and SFL agree diffrent we would have to start in division 3 with history deleted ( officially) that is . I am hoping against hope this is not just Whyte bluffing then being double bluffed and that there is some master plan of some description .
  8. If HMRC has there action granted they are then a secured creditor ( fact) which means all liabilities are protected , if whyte sets admin they are not protected , he is , seems to Me HMRC are playing poker with proper cards and Whytes cards are the happy families set . I have a feeling Whytes bluff has been called and he did not expect this route to be taken by HRMC .
  9. IMO its fairly simple its disinformation put out by Rangers in the hope Leicester City would come back in with an offer over 10-12 million and if they had he would have been gone. If 9 million had been offerred i think Jela and his agent would have had something to say . That said at least the sliver lining is we get to keep him ( well till January)
  10. Another one that needs to read the June shareholders circular.
  11. AGAIN YOU NEED TO READ THE SHAREHOLDERS CIRCULAR , for in there they say the will invest OR PROCURE investment of 25 Million by 2016 , if you want a copy e mailed contact me on sales@saltiretrading.co.uk and anyone else who wants a copy
  12. Another one who has not read the circular to shareholders dated 3/June/2011.
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