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  1. im selling my ticket if any1 wants it ?
  2. he was in the louden on fri ..he said he has talks with Olympiakos
  3. im gonna get this printed out in my work since i work in a printers
  4. any1 know what this flag was about ?
  5. i agree mate . unlike another thread on here were he says andy little is pish .. lol
  6. aye mate andy little is rubbish nae bother ... the goals he has scored and the quality of some of them shows u he is a good player so jog on
  7. is the citylink bus to glasgow not running from Stirling bus station
  8. id like to see the sides of the copland road and the broomloan road stand be replaced with nice glass panels and some nice red white and blue lighting
  9. limmy is as funny as a kick in the bawz
  10. there is a guy selling them across from the main stand just at the school
  11. im sure he played for a world 11
  12. big jig has came into his own the season .. my all time hero was the hammer .. but big jig surpasses this . i fucking love him ...if i met him in the street id and tell him im not worthy
  13. i had a bet on it last yr at the scottish grand national .. it was fuked lol
  14. im ragin after the amount of trouble me and my mates have went to to get tickets find a b+b and we find this game is cancelled cos the sheep shaggers cant count ...thats inbreeding for you and a lot of fellow bears will be out of pocket i hope the sfa hand elgin a fine
  15. g4s are a shite excuse for a security company .. they hire wee lassies and boys or any1 willing to work for them .. i think rangers should get stewards who would do something about it im not saying hire thugs but we need guys who will help if there is a problem . not a company who we hire for them to do fuck all