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  1. have a look at apollogroup.tv Its a subscription site but I got them to include Rangers TV (its under SportsEvents 2019 and they have an extra "r" in the name !!! Its a good feed - they rarely click on before the game but usually get it on at the start of the game.
  2. Magnificent Bears, simply magnificent. Well done. Simply the Best.
  3. Have a great time tonight Bears. It is you that' s carried us back to Europe. Sandy's watching. RTID
  4. Pds 30 paid through Paypal, GB.

    If you keep it open I'll do more next month



  5. Hi GB.

    Apologies for apparently being AWOL. TBH I thought you'd retired and the funding was in limbo, but that doesn't seem to be the case as I read your latest Post. So, we're still active for this new season, right....?

    If that's the case, I'll get cracking on working out the best way to support your efforts. Let me know.


  6. Some of these numbers are too high(e.g. 50,000 at 20 quid a month), but the concept of a "members monthly contribution" is reasonable. However wrapping this into a share issue scheme seems unrealistic to me. Whatever TBK and others put in by way of share capital, I can't see them wanting to be diluted month by month, and I doubt we'd ever get to fan ownership in the true sense of the phrase. If we are always in the minority then we'd be like having had shares in RBS yet having no means to have told Fred Goodwin to bugger off. So, I don't see it - at the moment - as being workable. However I do see a members monthly contribution scheme working, if it was to be segregated for specific costs e.g. buying players, stadium improvements etc where the value WE add, is NOT added into overall shareholder value in the event of a future sell-on. I stand to be corrected on the share scheme though.
  7. If a share issue is TBK's Plan A, I hope they have a Plan B, C, D.....
  8. Like most of us, I'm happy to hear this. The devil may be in the details of course, and I've been sceptical of TBK all along - mainly due to the low bid number (given the number of alleged millionaires in their posse), and the basis of their bid being a share issue (which I'm confused about how it would work).....but .....if this IS the way we can move on, then they will have my full support.
  9. If the lack of information and confusing statements were to be repeated in a share issue, then .....
  10. I'm assuming that Ng will have "negotiated" with HMRC re the CVA, so hopefully that hurdle could perhaps be substantially behind us. Ticketus will take whatever he is offering it seems, thus leaving them to go after CW on the balance (under personal guarantee). Thus, the largest creditor + the second largest (at least in their eyes) must surely have been taken care of, one way or another. Therefore if Ng is for real, the he may now have a clear run at it.
  11. It says, "their indicative bid placed them in a strong position." What does that tell us about the other 2 remaining bids ...!!!
  12. Agreed. An hour or two of comic relief would have done all of us good after weeks of misery. Alas, our fun was not to be.
  13. Song for their end-of-season party..... "Eleven Green Bottles, shitting on the wall"
  14. Lots of photos on here after the game please !!!!!! And more please................ LET ME HEAR YOU BY YOUR NOISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATP
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