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  1. I cannot believe this was actually printed in the Evening Times. Proof (not that it was ever needed) of what we are up against this season. Scottish referees more aware than ever about what is at stake as celtic go for 10 in a row By Aidan Smith @SmithAidan1Sports Writer Scottish referees more aware than ever about what is at stake as celtic go for 10 in a row 16 comments KEVIN CLANCY has told how Scottish Premiership referees are more aware than ever about what is at stake this season as celtic aim to land 10 in a row. Neil Lennon’s side are aiming t
  2. We should be going for Sandro Kulenović he could do a job and make us some serious money.
  3. Good signing. Just hope this doesn't hold our own youth keepers back.
  4. It's in connection with CBC so probably best we don't say too much in case we risk disrupting the case as it is active.
  5. According to one of the posters on FF a new court case has begun regarding separate entity FC. Please do not comment on any of it just yet.
  6. So the SPFL cannot get a sponsor but Hearts can get a 7-figure sum with no strings attached. There must be at least one serious journalist left in this shithole who will question this. Is this Philanthropist Dermot Desmond or a friendly Latvian bank by any chance? FFS we are not even a banana republic we are a potato republic.
  7. Has anyone worked out the remaining Europa teams average points per game?
  8. So why was Stein picking the Separate entity team? Yet more evidence that they are lying scum.
  9. Strong tarrier leanings FFS he was the editor of their Pravda.
  10. On another forum it is claimed that Separate entity FC gets to see final report before victims. Wouldn't surprise me if this is true.......... scum. "During the last two years I have unearthed barrels full of excrement previously buried to hide away from the guilt that the authorities could have done something to stop it but didn't. I have received letters from lawyers acting on behalf of the SFA insurance company that are without doubt an attempt to put me off the quest for justice. Today there has been a new low of morality reached. The SFA solicitors have been reviewing the finished '
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