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  1. stfu

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    Lafferty struggles to hold up the ball. We tried to get him to do it two games in a row and in both games he couldn't do it. I didn't think he was good enough for us the first time and I stand by that.
  2. stfu

    We’re still scared of them

    We showed them far too much respect from the start. Ejaria should have been taken off after their goal as he was having a howler.
  3. And yet some on here think we are paranoid. Sadly apathy amongst our own support has not helped our situation.
  4. stfu

    England related thread

    Is it really too much to expect people to be patriotic to Scotland and then all other countries in our "United Kingdom"? I always thought the clue was in the title.
  5. stfu

    The Five Way Agreement

    No it wasn't. I happen to know someone who was in the room and Green was the one who told them that there would be no stripping of titles. He may have been a cock and was probably doing it to serve his own interests but Green most definitely told them that title stripping would not be happening. To be fair Ally then supported Green in digging his heels in. I was also told that Ally also missed two meetings about this within the club before the main meeting. Take from that what you will.
  6. stfu

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    Hopefully the rest of the board will also leave.
  7. stfu

    Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Just when you think we cant stoop any lower..............
  8. It shows just how ignorant some of the voters in this small minded country are when this bigot gets voted in.
  9. stfu

    Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Just over 41000
  10. stfu

    Walk Away McCoist.

    The bit I highlighted isn't quite true though is it?
  11. stfu

    ***The Official Rangers vs Inverness Match Thread***

    Our captain made that look like a training match tonight and Wallace and MacLeod were immense, and dare I say it but even Black was great tonight. We also looked much more dangerous when MacLeod gets a free role rather than being forced out as a left winger. Not the fast free flowing football of last Friday but we will not always be able to play that way. All we ask for is 100% effort and we got that tonight. If that is the best team in our top league then we have nothing to fear. Inverness were poor........ and I hope that was because we made them fear us like they used to. But maybe I am just an eternal optimist.
  12. Can this not be pinned on the main board so we can keep it highlighted?
  13. stfu

    Rangers fans for yes

    CA there is no point debating with stupid people they just drag you down to their level. We have all to vote yes because Ralph Topping says so. No mention of how we are going to replace the thousands of jobs that will be lost within Shipbuilding, MOD, NHS and Banking to name but a few of the sectors that will be devastated by this. No mention of the fact that the former commissioner for monetary union has said it would not be possible for an independent Scotland to join the EU if it tried to use the pound without the formal currency deal that all three UK parties have repeatedly vetoed. Ralph Topping, a man who said that "The threat to jobs comes from the possibility the UK will leave Europe", forgetting that an independent Scotland would not be in the EU, thinks its a great idea. Alex Salmond, a man who has been actively trying to destroy our country for years thinks its a great idea. Nicola Sturgeon a woman who tried to defend a man who fraudulently stole thousands from the Department of Work and Pensions thinks its a great idea. This is the same woman who as Health Sec let Scots women die of cancer by failing to ensure that drugs available in England which could have saved them were made available here in Scotland! Yet these are the people we are supposed to trust that everything will turn out fine. The Yes campaign has reeled in some very gullible people, I just hope for all our sakes that they have not found enough stupid people to win them the vote.
  14. stfu

    king statement

    The same "silent investors" that we were happy to accept at the share issue when they were "investing" their money. What do our fans not understand about investors? If they invest then they expect a return it is very simple. The investors are not fans that are happy to see money thrown down the drain. They are expecting a return, and at the moment they are not anywhere near getting a return. And part of the reason for that is people like DK are reducing the share value. If DK wants to be the main man then he too needs to "invest". And up until now he has not.
  15. stfu

    king statement

    I agree with you on the symantics of this point SJ. But I believe that the only point of this loan was to cover a short term possibility that that cock Ahmad could have actually won his challenge to ring fence the cash, so we had to have the cash there immediately. I have no idea as to how our case will go against him but if he has some clause written in his contract that says he is entitled to x amount, then we may have to pay him something sadly. Not that I agree with this but............. My long standing belief on this is and has always been, Employment law is there for a reason and if we owe this dick money then so be it. We just need to pay up and get on with it. But please can we stop treating the current board as if they are the same people that got us to where we are as they are not. GW has done nothing to make us doubt his ability yet everyone keeps comparing him to Green or Ahmad or even Whyte. These people have nothing to do with previous regimes and at the very least deserve a chance to fix things. They asked for 120 days to prove themselves and did not get anywhere near that before the infighting started again. I wish we had this vocal a support 15-20 years ago when I was telling everyone that would listen how bad Sir David was treating the club.