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  1. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Just when you think we cant stoop any lower..............
  2. What's the beef with king

    The case was not dropped he was found guilty, there is a big difference.
  3. 18 million invested already

    That's great it means we still have £46 Million left to collect.
  4. The no money excuse.

    Can someone enlighten me on why this is accepted as an excuse. We have had the highest season ticket sales in years last summer which must have brought in a significant increase in our annual turnover. We also have our Chairman who stated. ‘My view of what it will take to make Rangers competitive again is bottom end £30m but probably £50m — over the next four years,’. ‘From the discussions I have to date I think there are other people who would come with me. ‘But I would say I would probably have to put in £30m of the £50m over the period of time. And I could probably get other people to put in £20m. ‘Would I be willing to invest £30m despite what happened previously? Of course. Sure.’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2588429/Dave-King-commit-30m-ensure-Rangers-return-Scottish-Premiership.html#ixzz4XlKTjtB1 From what I can see he has spent about £5Million in his first two years so that should leave us with between 25 and 45 Million still to invest within the next two years. So why are people on here constantly saying we don't have the money to compete?
  5. They will need to act soon

    Would we not also have to play the first qualifier with the current squad minus our loan players (Toral and Hyndman being the obvious ones). I am not sure we would make it past that first qualifying round the way we have been playing. I think it is probably too late for acting. Which is why I believe the board are also complicit in this failure this season.
  6. Most of that is utter bollocks but I would agree with one and add one other. Stamp out time wasting to make the last 10 minutes of games flow better. Players that continually dive or feign injury to gain an advantage should be banned with the same punishment as those that have been found guilty of violent conduct (eg a 2 or 3 or 4 match ban for deliberate feigning of injury). Whatever the ban the player would have received had he actually done it should be what the offender gets for feigning.
  7. David Goodwillie

    If the situation was as simple as you have suggested then why did it not go to a criminal trial? I don't disagree that they are stupid and arrogant but I am of the old school that says you are innocent until proven guilty.
  8. David Goodwillie

    Apart from losing his job and everyone calling him a rapist you mean?
  9. It shows just how ignorant some of the voters in this small minded country are when this bigot gets voted in.
  10. Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Just over 41000
  11. Walk Away McCoist.

    The bit I highlighted isn't quite true though is it?
  12. ***The Official Rangers vs Inverness Match Thread***

    Our captain made that look like a training match tonight and Wallace and MacLeod were immense, and dare I say it but even Black was great tonight. We also looked much more dangerous when MacLeod gets a free role rather than being forced out as a left winger. Not the fast free flowing football of last Friday but we will not always be able to play that way. All we ask for is 100% effort and we got that tonight. If that is the best team in our top league then we have nothing to fear. Inverness were poor........ and I hope that was because we made them fear us like they used to. But maybe I am just an eternal optimist.
  13. Can this not be pinned on the main board so we can keep it highlighted?
  14. Rangers fans for yes

    CA there is no point debating with stupid people they just drag you down to their level. We have all to vote yes because Ralph Topping says so. No mention of how we are going to replace the thousands of jobs that will be lost within Shipbuilding, MOD, NHS and Banking to name but a few of the sectors that will be devastated by this. No mention of the fact that the former commissioner for monetary union has said it would not be possible for an independent Scotland to join the EU if it tried to use the pound without the formal currency deal that all three UK parties have repeatedly vetoed. Ralph Topping, a man who said that "The threat to jobs comes from the possibility the UK will leave Europe", forgetting that an independent Scotland would not be in the EU, thinks its a great idea. Alex Salmond, a man who has been actively trying to destroy our country for years thinks its a great idea. Nicola Sturgeon a woman who tried to defend a man who fraudulently stole thousands from the Department of Work and Pensions thinks its a great idea. This is the same woman who as Health Sec let Scots women die of cancer by failing to ensure that drugs available in England which could have saved them were made available here in Scotland! Yet these are the people we are supposed to trust that everything will turn out fine. The Yes campaign has reeled in some very gullible people, I just hope for all our sakes that they have not found enough stupid people to win them the vote.
  15. king statement

    The same "silent investors" that we were happy to accept at the share issue when they were "investing" their money. What do our fans not understand about investors? If they invest then they expect a return it is very simple. The investors are not fans that are happy to see money thrown down the drain. They are expecting a return, and at the moment they are not anywhere near getting a return. And part of the reason for that is people like DK are reducing the share value. If DK wants to be the main man then he too needs to "invest". And up until now he has not.