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  1. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Clubs a joke I’ve got 3 books me n 2 kids been on continuous credit for years been to every cup game and they’ve only gave me a ticket even though there isn’t a ballot for tickets....
  2. Donation made hope you reach your target mate
  3. Police make 11 arrests

    John Cullen Celtics official photographer
  4. Anyone know why

    Pedro cancels green day concert bcoz it was to close to ibrox
  5. Anyone know why

  6. Anyone know why

    Concert at bellahouston park green day but it's been cancelled
  7. Somewhere to watch the game in Salou

    Robin Hood pub defo showing it that's where I'm heading and the red lion
  8. "Bring on the C*lt*c!"

    Through the years going into old firm games I've seen worse rangers teams beat better Celtic teams than we have today.i will be there hoping for a win fuck it few beers the night up early tunes on like I do for every game against the bheasts.
  9. World championship darts

    I'm going to the ally pally on the 27th for the darts can't wait.......any ideas for messages on the cards I'll get my wee boy to hold up the dodgy ones so I don't get the jail lol
  10. Benburb Juniors New Ground

    Petershill getting full new pitch that wouldn't happen for firework damage the Bens is only getting damaged area resurfaced.
  11. Benburb Juniors New Ground

    I take a boys club that uses the bens and I used to play for the bens I've got the cameras on my mobile I've seen the video it was an accident it came over the fence and landed on the pitch an exploded.petershill park was due for a new surface didn't know it's being replaced because of damage.
  12. Benburb Juniors New Ground

    The pitch was burned by a firework from a house that backs onto the pitch all caught on cctv not deliberately done.the pitch is getting repaired this week.
  13. Rumours that the new kit will be on sale on Thursday

    Top not getting released 2moro now.
  14. Rumours that the new kit will be on sale on Thursday

    The top is definitely coming out in Thursday mate.