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  1. Fucking delighted to get in at half time 2-2 after that Wake the defence up & we can beat this mob 2nd half
  2. Back to the same old defensive shite from last season Schoolboy stuff from the full defence tonight
  3. We've clearly been off the boil so far But they havent half came with a spot on gameplan on how to beat us Something needs to change
  4. They had us penned in the last 20 minutes or so & we dropped deeper and deeper, only sub we could've realistically made was a defensive one (Bassey or Helander) instead of an attacker and just tried to defend it out, he trusted the guys on the park and that's fair enough Risk is that you change it then a player comes on who isn't up to the match speed and causes a goal Subs when we're winning I don't usually moan about, it was last season when we were drawing/losing and we needed a change it would come too late
  5. Would've taken 2 draws beforehand But fuck me we've flung away 2 wins
  6. Again we've just went deeper & deeper, was always coming
  7. They're setting us up for the counter and we're falling for it every time
  8. Take that in a heartbeat, more points dropped Onto us tomorrow now ­čĹŹ
  9. True true, makes you wonder why they dont just come out and go for it sometimes Much as I hate the cunts, Hibs have a few very decent players in their team
  10. Hibs barely touched the ball first half Seem to have realised how shakey the scum are at the back & went for them a bit here
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