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  1. Unless you're arriving at a team who have 0 striker's or you're a household name, every player has to show some promise in the limited minutes they get on the park & in training If Kent/Morelos are out this weekend and he still doesn't get a start that'll show how far down the pecking order Sakala is. If he does get a start, he needs to take it, at home to Motherwell, can't ask for a better chance.
  2. Doesn't seem to be in the managers thoughts and that's with all the issues we've had... Kent totally off form Wright isolating for covid Roofe family issues and suspended Morelos arriving late Hagi with covid All of the above issues and he's barely m managed to play more than 90 minutes across all games this season
  3. There's a good deal of frustration from the Malmo game still hanging over us that won't lift for a while, we expected to get through that and fucked it Beating the tarriers helped a bit but overall our European performances across the board this season have been very poor & we haven't exactly been lighting things up in the league either Far too many players off the boil to beat a team like that tonight but the bigger worry is this form starting to carry over into league games.
  4. On their day I think Kamara can be better than Davis and the other way about, 2 good players. Difference is Kamara has completely checked out this season & looks like he'd rather be anywhere else than on that park playing for us. He's been offered a long term deal & clearly has no intention of signing it, can't build the team around a player who doesn't want to be here & his performances are now showing that, there's a player there but he's someone who expected a move in the summer that clearly never came. Until 1 of the other guys decide to step up and take it, Davis, a 36 year old, will be the 1st name in that midfield as he's the most consistent midfielder we have.
  5. Definitely didn't have his best game but was miles away from our worst player 1st name in the midfield at the weekend again & it's not even close.
  6. Very disappointing They are a good team with a few standout players but they're not world beaters Made it so easy for them playing with Kamara/Kent & Lundstrum, all 3 absolutely shocking. Lundstrum is utter shite, none of this he has to settle pish, he's a shocking football player & a complete waste of a wage Kent looks lost in this team, the formation and tactics aren't working to his strengths and he's worse than a man down Kamara has completely checked out, assume he was 1 of the ones close to leaving in the summer, only explanation for a player who looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.
  7. Pretty much sums up the night, that's Kent out for a good few weeks now
  8. Davis is literally doing the job of 3 men in there Got a disinterested Kamara next to him And Lundstrum who wouldn't look out of place in Hib's midfield fs
  9. Seen a thing last night talking about the PSG front 3 of Mbappe, Neymar & Messi, all 3 barely got involved in the game because their midfield kept giving the ball away, doesn't matter who's upfront, if you get it stuck in midfield you're fucked. Not expecting our 3 to be that good but Kamara has been terrible all season, Lundstrum isn't a Rangers player & Davis is trying to do the job of 3 in there. Our best bet is a long ball over the top which ignores our midfield, same as every game we've played this season
  10. We need a midfield to unlock the oppositions defence Davis/Kamara/Lundstrum - Davis is the only one to get pass marks and even then he's not been brilliant
  11. Feel like he's in the team now as a fuck you to the fans who don't like him Might well be a player there still but expecting him to show it against this mob when he was pish against the likes of Alashaert is crazy
  12. Kent loses the ball far too easily Lundstrum showing yet again why he shouldn't be anywhere near the first team, especially on a European night Fucking shocking
  13. We started the summer with 6 CBs, all of who could've got a game this season depending form/injuries and we're somehow into mid September another injury away from an absolute crisis. Not even thinking about the Europa League sqaud, would be great to go through the group but this season it's all about the league Relying on Goldson/Balogun & Simpson from now until at least January is absolutely bonkers, we're going to need unbelievable luck to get through to the next window considering Balogun's track record And either Simpson's going to kick on and become a decent player or we should've kept 1 of Edmunson/Katic
  14. Crazy decision to let Katic go and its already biting us on the arse Going through the next few months with Goldson/Balogun & Simpson as our CBs is shocking management If Katic was going out then we should've had another in as we all know Simpson isn't good enough & Balogun has fitness issues of his own
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