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  1. Was a 7/10 performance at best & yet we still stopped a very good/well drilled team from scoring (for the 1st time in 20 matches) & got the winner ourselves with a bit of quality play Exactly how I'll take every single match this season going if it means we win things, we had the great passing performances last season but would then lose 2-1 with silly defensive mistakes, seem a different beast so far this season & long may it continue
  2. Hagi reminds me of Barisic when he 1st game, can tell there is quality there but everything he tries just doesn't come off & he eventually gets frustrated then drifts out the game Hoping he can kick on and become a good player but with Aribo back, Arfield playing well & Roofe finding fitness he might find game time tough
  3. Defo, can see we've just slowed down majorly since the 2nd goal. All about managing the game now and just get the 3 points, doesnt need to be pretty today
  4. Jesus what a finish that is, hold the hands up, he's justified his place today already with that.
  5. Back 5 10 players in their own box, 1 big lump standing upfront What a team they must be to play for
  6. Can understand protecting Roofe but he bringing him on during Thursdays match on that shocking pitch is surely more risking than playing him for 60 minutes today? Aside from that, Itten should be ahead of Defoe, hes there as a 4th choice for injuries/suspensions & the odd cup game, playing him today just seems unnecessary, especially against hammer throwers like Livi
  7. Dont mind Morelos being dropped, hes offered nothing for a while now But Defoe over Itten or even Roofe is weird to say the least
  8. McGregor, Edouard & wouldve said Ajer before this season but our CB depth/quality is more than enough these days Seeing everyone's answers & even considering we're all wearing blue tinted specs...there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be winning this title
  9. Hes a wee idiot sometimes and gets whats coming to him but cmon to fuck that wasnt even a slap lol I know what you mean about the whole narrative but he does get focused, even by the other team as they know he's easy to get sent off. Watch the 5 minutes before halftime again and you'll see Brown/Duffy both trying to wind him up after the 'slap'
  10. Course it was, absolutely nothing in it But if Morelos turns round with a raging face and 2 handed shoves a player to the ground infront of the ref hes sent off, no doubt about it
  11. Here what ill say about that If somebody gave Morelos a dunt like he gave Duffy and Morelos turned around raging and shoved the cunt to the ground he'd be off, 100% That Duffy is another Brown, a fucking shite footballer but he's staunch as fuck with the rebels so they love him, the fact our 2 CBs played a fucking blinder today while he continually punted the ball out the park is the icing on the cake
  12. Awww aye, he should've went down, was a nail on penalty if he did etc etc. Actually applauding the cunt for not being a cheating bastard for once in his life...
  13. Today to be fair I think thats spot on, we had a plan are were organised but we weren't brilliant by any means If anything that makes it even better for me, we played that game at a 6/10 and still absolutely cruised it against them in their own midden
  14. Sitting here wandering if that just happened... After all the pish of the last few years, the 5-1 defeat etc..to then go to their midden and absolute dominate them from start to finish All the major outlets will play it down, blame missing players etc but their squad is worth a fortune in wages, a fortune in loan signings & we never even got our of 1st gear Kick on from here, simple as that
  15. He just oozes quality, feel he doesn't show himself enough but when he does he's just calm and composed As others have said...try and find a midfielder like that for less than 10 million and you'll struggle...we paid 50k!
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