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  1. 1 person has likely spoken, 1 hurting bastard who can't take it when it's dished out back to them If it was the club themselves it would've been out straight away to deflect from the result.
  2. Not read the full article, just the bit above. In defence of Brown (never thought i'd type that) he hasn't made a big deal of it & the taigs themselves haven't made a big deal of it simply because it isn't a big deal. It's part and parcel of the rivalry & they sure as hell dished it out for years before this season. It's an article written by a hurting taig trying to find something to write to make himself feel better & so people feel sorry for Brown during his farewell, make him out to be hard done by so the masses forget him getting ripped apart all season. Also i
  3. As good as McGregor & Tav have been, we've had replacements in for them this season & we've not struggled in the games where McLaughlin/Patterson have played, so much so that people where questioning whether they would get back into the team. Not saying McLaughlin would've made the worldies McGregor has but I think we'd have still found a way through games. Goldson has been a mainstay & has been solid, would be interesting to see how the defence is without him, whether a partnership like Helander/Simpson or Balogun/Katic would work we simply don't know. For me tho it's
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