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  1. Yep. We need 7 points at a maximum, anything they drop just brings that down even further.
  2. Suppose we have different expectations, in a few years time if we win the league titles, get money in the bank from the Champions League and continue on the up I might agree with you At the moment though internally I think our aim has always been navigate the usually tricky qualifiers & get to the Europa group stages, anything after that is a bonus.
  3. I'll agree with ye about the Frimpong part
  4. Molde/Granada fluked it, how Molde won that game with the chances Hoffenheim had i've no idea & Granada were holding on big time against Napoli. Young Boys did do well to beat Leverkusen though. In years gone by I would agree that we should be a last 16 team but even back years ago that was seen as a good season, these days because of the money in football (lack of in the Scottish game) we're always going to be punching above our weight in these tournaments. Aye money doesn't always equal success but when you see the amount some of these clubs have spent its ridiculous we're even
  5. In all honesty this is a free hit, there is absolutely no way we (or the taigs for that matter) should be in the last 16 of a European competition with the way things are money wise these days. There's a few teams there this year due to luck more than anything, Granada, Molde & Young Boys all fluked results last night & could've easily went out. However in general, the teams that are left have ridiculous budgets & we're punching well above our weight getting this far....testament to how well we & Gerrard have done in Europe to get here twice in 2 years.
  6. Heard from someone at the game that Zungu is due on btw lol
  7. Feel for Balogun a bit, getting outnumbered out there & against a dangerous player, needs a hand That being said we need to be more positive as this team are there for the taking
  8. Happy with the starting team 3 idiots on the bench, not so much.
  9. Score first tonight & they need 3 to go through Could kill the game off with 1 early goal, would like to see us go out and fling everything at them first half then manage the game out. Gave ourselves a massive opportunity here!
  10. I'm all for people getting a 2nd chance, the argument earlier was about Martindale and how he deserves a 2nd chance. Aye fair enough I see that point, he made mistakes a long long time ago, done his time & now wants to make a life for himself, that's fair enough. This was 10 days ago, 5 players took it upon themselves to stick 2 fingers up to the club & do something the entire country is being told not to do. They knew exactly what they were doing & knew the ramifications if they got caught (and if they didn't). They knew them turning up at training on the Monday would've mean
  11. You mean after they got booked/fined off the plod at 10 past 1 in the morning ? lol Admitting you've been caught is hardly something I'd be commending them for. If they hadn't I seriously doubt he'd have contacted the club to admit it before they went into training on the Monday
  12. I'm all for sacking them however understand from a business standpoint that we can't throw assets away. Best thing to do would be to let them train alone/together & sell them as soon as the window opens for whatever we can get for them, Zungu obviously would be a terminate. People are very happy to let this go because it didn't lead to anything however the fact it didn't lead to anything wasn't through the players honesty or anything they done, they got caught! If whoever grassed them had waited 24 hours we'd have been looking at forfeiting a Europa League tie & possibly forf
  13. So basically if you're a decent talent you can break the rules, putting the season at risk and you'll get a small punishment - Few week suspension and pennies on the scale of things for them If you're a squad player with barely any future you'll get flung under the bus, 7 game bans (by the SFA) & loaned out at the first opportunity Great example we're setting for the players not to break the rules. Expect another at some point before all these restrictions are lifted
  14. And risk losing the 4 taigs that still have a Sky subscription...we'll see 😂
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