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  1. Theo Snelders. One of my earliest memories was a reverse game against Morton at Cappielow and he was there
  2. It actually says 'celtic fan'. Not 'football fan', 'fan' or 'man'? Shocked
  3. What an angry little man. Hope Alfie rams this article up his arse along with a winners medal
  4. I'd forgotten about this. For "not being that type of player" he's involved in quite a lot of incidents
  5. Does anyone have a link to that podcast where they mention breaking his legs?
  6. Lewis Morgan could make a "sensational" move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami side after celtic accepted a "substantial" six figure bid from the newly formed MLS club. Go easy on the superlatives there Raman. Also his cost has went from 400K to 300K to 250K. Amazing.
  7. SunSport understands compliance officer Clare Whyte hasn’t ruled out filing a notice of complaint against the hitman. How they even know this is questionable. Probably a lot of shite.
  8. Compliance offer may yet issue a ban for the gesture it seems. The taig witchhunt might be working. IF they try, then the club needs to fight tooth and nail. Fucking ridiculous
  9. He's trying to come from the 'nice guy' angle now, but its pretty fucking transparent. Also the bit about why doesnt anyone clarify the gesture if it was misinterpreted, when the club did exactly that smell the fear
  10. Then you've got Andy Walker who picked all tims plus Andy Considine
  11. This is why im glad the club issued a statement and defended Alfie. This fucking cretin had this ready and waiting, but we've beaten him to the punch. Fuck Sutton
  12. The Record are quick. Already saying it was to make sure Katic understood he was being booked. He's either missed an elbow to the face by Brown or hes missed the fact hes booked Brown. Both fuckups.
  13. The backing of Alfredo is excellent for me too mate. Nip this gesture shite in the bud and strike back with his blatant mistreatment
  14. He told talkSPORT : "I thought the handshake was slightly wrong. I thought he slapped Neil's hand and he slapped John Kennedy's hand. "I thought Stevie would have shook hands, man to man, looked them in the eye. "But it was almost like a high-five, a slap and he walked away. It's not a criticism, he was obviously delighted to get the three points and his team played very well. "That was the only thing that I was a little surprised about that he didn't shake the guys' hands." Hartson admits it's the first time he's seen such unbridled joy in Gerrard since moving to Rangers in 2018. And believes that's because the Liverpool legend, who he cites as a hero of his, has had little to shout about since taking his first managerial post. The Welshman continued: "I've not seen that sort of excitement, shaking the camera. Obviously it means an awful lot to him, he's one of my heroes. "I supported Liverpool as a kid, grew up watching the great Liverpool teams play. "He's arguably alongside (Kenny) Dalglish and all these other greats. "He was a wonderful player and I looked up to Stevie. But, at the end of the day, great passion as a player but since he's been at Rangers he's not had a lot to shout about, or get passionate about. "I can understand him showing that passion but I still feel, if you look at the celebrations, he sort of slapped Neil's hands. "I thought he would've shook their hands properly and then celebrated. That was the only thing I was slightly, not concerned, but that surprised me a little bit." fuck me big bad John is getting delicate these days
  15. Trying to get back into their good graces. Why weren't you at the game today Rod?
  16. Fair play to the guy for coming out and stating the obvious. More people should, But this will be laughed off as sour grapes by the msm unfortunately
  17. Motherwell have announced a £436,000 loss for the year to May 2019, having made a £1.7m profit in the previous accounting period. The Fir Park club finished eighth in last season's Scottish Premiership - one place lower than in 2017-18, when the club also reached both cup finals. Gate receipts were down almost a half to £1.6m and broadcasting rights fell around 25% to £1.4m. Revenue of £4.6m included £781,000 of transfer income. Player sales were largely made up of the first instalment of the sale of Cedric Kipre, who joined Wigan in August 2018. Staff costs rose by around £50,000 to almost £4m - just £600,000 less than the total revenue. Prize money, including Uefa solidarity payments, dropped from £750,000 to £160,000. The club has liabilities of £80,000 owed to five fans but, as announced last month, Motherwell no longer owe money to former owners John Boyle and Les Hutchison. This season Stephen Robinson's side have regularly been in the Premiership's top four as the season's midway point approaches. Does this mean their wages are 87% of total revenue? Mental. Hurry up and die.
  18. What chance do you have when this is the medias take. Michael 'wallloper' Stewart Speaking on BBC Sportsound, he said: "I don't agree. There's a big difference. Scott Brown was standing there. The game finished in that bottom corner - he didn't go over there to the Rangers support. "He was standing there with his arms out in front of the Rangers support. "The video footage I saw he walked up the side of the pitch celebrating with the celtic supporters. I don't think he should have been sent off. "I see a difference between what we saw yesterday and that. I don't see any inconsistency in that but look if you are going to get supporters of one team finding issue with it I don't think that's a great surprise. "It's been a long time since I remember seeing the video footage but to me it wasn't the same as what happened yesterday."
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