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  1. Disappointed letting the nerves kick in when they scored. Sometimes I think we look like one goal away from the arse falling out us and then sometimes we are complete world beaters. Anyone that says the we are not feeling the pressure is in denial. I think we are on a knife edge at the moment and the momentum is with us which I know will be enough to give us 55. I know it sounds a bit of a negative post but it’s not meant to be...... shit maybe it’s me feeling the pressure lol. Massive 6 points over the past week, keep our feet on the ground and take it game by game. Well done Ranger
  2. Best player ever to play for the famous 🇬🇧
  3. There was a blatant one when they had us under pressure in second half. They broke on a counter attack and there was someone on the right hand side free he looks at him and let’s him run off and never covered the space. I thought his all round play yesterday was poor.
  4. I thought Balogun was rotten today. I know we had a clean sheet but he looks slow and disinterested at times. Kent also was way below par.
  5. Absolutely love this guy, if he secures 55 this season he will go down in our history as a legend. I hope he continues to progress as he has. I feel that when he’s won the league up here tho he would be looking for another challenge.
  6. Over confidence and took our eye off the prize.
  7. Only saw the second half but fuck me we looked well off the pace. To get it back to 2-2 all we had to do was see if out to extra time and sure we would of won. To give them that corner at the end with the weather so bed just invited trouble and we got punished. Team selection was poor by Gerard tonight probably trying to get some players game time instead of playing our best team and getting us into the next round. big test of charter coming up.
  8. So important that we top this group to get a favourable draw in the next stage. Although saying that if we had topped the group last year we would of got Leverkusen for n the last 32 so fuck knows lol
  9. Hats off that was a great finish, now go and get another big man and show us all what you can do.
  10. For me it’s simple beat them in Jan and we don’t buckle after xmass then I will start to get excited about the possibility of winning the league. Best that we stay humble and simply keep ticking the games off one by one. I am sure there will be a test of character at some point and how we respond to that will shape our season.
  11. Sloggish start but that’s more down to Ross County keeping so many behind the ball. We grew into the game well and after the first we never looked like dropping any points. Pressure is on them now and it might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. Drop points today and pop corn teeth will be in the dole cue tomorrow.
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