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  1. Decent half hope that Lyon can get at least a draw also and we hold on it would be a great nights work
  2. Fact is we were on our arse after the last regime. Overhaul of players and standards were needed to get us to where we are now. Fact is we stopped 10 in a row with a team mostly made up of free transfers minus a few marquee signings. Right off the batt we competed and prevailed in Europe and made mediocre fights to challenge the league. People have got short memories of where we were and how little we have actually spent in getting to where we are now. I would of said that 95% of the players bought have helped get Rangers back to the top of Scottish football and for me that means they have been a success.
  3. Absolute guff and got what we deserved. could of been beaten by 4 or 5 tonight
  4. This is the worse europa league performance I have ever seen. So far off the pace it should be 3 or 4 nil
  5. Best draw we could of got. defo did not want st Johnston again and beat them in the final
  6. First half was some of the best football of the season. Never took our chances and it cost us. Still seething at Davis for making the wrong pass. Still a point gained over them so will take it as a good weekend but a massive 2 points dropped.
  7. Good draw would be Pot 1 - Olympiakos, Zagreb or Braga Pot 3 - Ludogorets, Sociedad Pot 4 - Anyone Would love to get West Ham 🇬🇧
  8. Play our strongest team and try to take +5 off them and build some momentum. mini crisis is forming and it needs to be nipped in the bud now. You see the self belief over the city since they beat a poor team in Europe and a even worse Dundee now they believe they will challenge. Our issue is poor performances and mind set let’s get a commanding win and start building both back up and start our much needed winning run.
  9. You can’t fake the CL we have a team made up mostly of free signings and it showed tonight.
  10. Bottom line is we needed two goals to go through. We had 4 shots on target against 10 men for 45 mins. We got exactly what we deserved. a sore one to say the least but no time to regress into where we were 2 season ago. Roll up the sleeves secure europa league group and ensure that we win the league and go into the group stages of CL next season.
  11. Aribo and Morelos for me played to a decent standard the rest were honking
  12. Complete lost the midfield battle and Borna and Tav were stopped from playing. Think it showed the fitness levels showed with them being well into their season. We got what we deserved nothing from the game and were lucky to score with the last kick of the ball. We were out the tie but that goal is absolutely massive and gives us a real chance of progression. 50k behind the team next week will be a massive bonus and should be enough to take us through the tie.
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