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  1. Will it be on rangers tv? Champions league is on at the same time...
  2. Celtic Ticket Information

    just checked again, the box is ticked so I don't know why I didnt get one on it. Oh well! Got one so no damage done I guess! I'll ring them tomorrow and find out what happened!
  3. Celtic Ticket Information

    Strange, Im on the CCCS for a ticket but it allowed me to buy a ticket (just chanced it thinking I wouldn't get one) do you think they now won't take the money for the CCCS? Thought I'd try and get one for my old man but if it doesn't work at least I tried.
  4. Celtic Ticket Information

    I'd quite like to find this out too!
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    Anybody know the approximate times for the fights?
  6. Derby Away Plans (August 2nd)

    does anybody know Gaz52?? I'm meeting him to give him a ticket and he gave me a number that only has 10 digits. could someone could help out? feel bad if I don't meet him to give the ticket. thanks!
  7. anybody know what the iphone app was that you could stream matches onto the phone was? someone posted it here a while back but i can't for the life of me find it!
  8. This tax case may not be as bad as first thought.

    £16.90 would do me
  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :rangers: :rangers: :rangers: :rangers:
  10. Naismith Saga

    fair enough, but i still feel we should be able to pay 1mil - 1.5mil upfront...im sure were not that cheap for one of scotlands better prospects and if we are that cheap, see my post again
  11. Naismith Saga

    im gonna go with the bbc one, and it says £400,000 if so, we are now officially a complete joke and we will not win the league until we get this sh*t sorted. :angry2:
  12. SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

  13. SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

    oh ok, thanks
  14. SuperScoreBoard Xtra & Real Radio

    campbell ogilvie, is he a player or something (sorry if i sound like a numpty) but i dont think ive heard of him