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  1. If we nicked it at the end...oh my god ??
  2. Where are people booking buses from Benidorm to Villarreal? Need space for 3
  3. Back in London, sitting near Waterloo on the piss as no trains home. Some trip, some support, and I can’t wait to do it all again. I fucking love Rangers ??????
  4. Same from london to Budapest 20:40 changed to 23:40 latest on the screens. Gutted
  5. My dads ticket wouldn’t allow me to buy for him and it said “this customer is currently on stop and is unable to buy a ticket” does that mean he’s banned or just not on the waiting list?
  6. Will it be on rangers tv? Champions league is on at the same time...
  7. just checked again, the box is ticked so I don't know why I didnt get one on it. Oh well! Got one so no damage done I guess! I'll ring them tomorrow and find out what happened!
  8. Strange, Im on the CCCS for a ticket but it allowed me to buy a ticket (just chanced it thinking I wouldn't get one) do you think they now won't take the money for the CCCS? Thought I'd try and get one for my old man but if it doesn't work at least I tried.
  9. I'd quite like to find this out too!
  10. Anybody know the approximate times for the fights?
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