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  1. Daly needs a rest simple as that, or are you trying to say he the only player capable of creating chances for others. Daly has struggled since his dad died, give him a game or two off let him show he is hungry cause at the minute he just isn't wanting to play going by his lack of movement and lathergic plays at times
  2. I ain't trying to shift the blame but the people that controlled the finances ain't really there now apart from bs, this new board is trying to sort out the mess, but ally needs to hold his hands up and admit he made mistakes In a lot of his signings, managers at other clubs get pulled over the hot coals when they make mistakes in the transfer market, so why not ally
  3. There is an improvement yes but at what cost and we are still struggling in games, so in effect that improvement has declined, but in general I don't mean just this year and last, since ally has been manager I would say that the majority of signings have been piss poor. So in effect ally said he wanted them and got them so in that effect it don't matter I what there wages are, the flaws should lie at ally's door he wanted the players and got them, the failed it not cause of the wages they got they failed, it's more than likely they are not upto the job. So in full effect ally was at fault for these, the mismanagement of funds is then down to the old boards, but also the feeling I have is they backed ally so that the fans didn't turn on the club.
  4. . Ok how much signings that have been since ally has been in charge that have made any difference to the squad and which you haven't, and how many has he bought and never even given a chance
  5. But would ally not instigate how long he wants them for and what he feels are worth
  6. As I said before who is to say there hasn't bee. Discussions amongst the board about cutting costs, just cause it hasn't been leaked doesn't mean it ain't happened
  7. People calling for the board to take paycuts, just cause it ain't been leaked who is to say they haven't discussed it, also the board will be needing to cut wages so as to not make ally lose members of the over inflated squad, but this is the point where ally needs to hold his hands up and admit he went ott with signing players , and if decisions need made who he can get rid of, thank them for helping us at the bad times and say bye
  8. Think of ot like this rather than punt players by pay offs, offer them all a reduction then the ones out of contract at the end of the seasons will be let go then while the board has saved a small percentage, while hopefully having investment at end of the season
  9. It looks more like cut the wages so players ain't let go, which would result in ally moaning he needs more players
  10. Now is not the time to picking the faults of previous boards. But can anyone see investors letting the club slip into admin and lose out on there investment, last time at admonition was only one person that was losing money as such, and it wasn't his money to lose. This time is different and if we are heading to admin we will see who the real rangers men are. But this is cost cutting at its easiest it. Would anyone of you lot like to see the general day to day staff sacked, in order to keep people like cribari, smith and other fringe players? All that Wallace is doing is asking the players to defer a percentage of wages to stop ally and fans moaning that players had to go
  11. Black will play as he is not suspended yet, so the midfield will be peralta black law and aird
  12. Absolute fucking dross, ally needs a boot up the arse and learn tactics, that was a sham and too close
  13. Can see this being a draw, a defender for a stricker when we need a goal
  14. i agree with everything you said, if he dont turn it around he needs to be honest and say he fucked up today rather than his daft excuses, but hoping that we turn it around
  15. no is the time for ally to prove us wrong and show why he earns so much, and i dont mean with his excuses either. needs to change the time and get something sorted asap
  16. what is both teams not on the park, or are you ally, that an excuse he will come out with, both teams playing in same conditions, so no excuse for that is there
  17. Id go for that but start faure before cribari, and Clark behind daly
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