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  1. Here’s the link the Patreon site where heart and hand is they also have a patreon app in the App Store on iPhone its a great listen https://www.patreon.com/heartandhand/posts
  2. If anyone listens to heart & hand pod which id highly recommend to any bear David Edgar said on it weeks ago this would happen before the torbett trial to deflect any bad press on the manky scum
  3. Finally got a weekend off me and wee lass all set for the game . Looking forward to burying this mob the day
  4. Looks like we were getting nowhere with MOH deal so went for this short term signing instead and reasses things in the summer. still was hoping for a couple of permanent signings but the window isn't closed yet
  5. only saying on ssn that he might be going there and how many loan signing r u allowed thought it wiz 3
  6. looks like he will be going think he would have signed by now :anguish:
  7. boyd for the off. it looks like the fire sale has started shame on you david murray and walter smith
  8. up to sheepville again we will have to raise our game remember its there cup final :unionflag: well they never challenge for anything else these days and the team full of tims
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