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  1. Klopp celebrates by trying to throttle a bottle of water. WTF?
  2. And you are on a par with Aiden McGeady you self-loathing turncoat.
  3. Is it a Movember thing, or does Paterson usually sport a 70s porn star tash?
  4. I miss the old Warburton substitution on the 60min mark. You could set your watch by it.
  5. Zambon


    I use Windscribe. The free subscription will be enough if you're just streaming games on RTV.. However, switch it off after you've got the match started or it will eat up your data allowance.
  6. Time to make my move on Eilidh Barbour.
  7. Disappointing 2nd half, but it's job done and points on the board.
  8. For a game that was in the bag, this is a bit more worrying than it should be.
  9. Is Tom commentating on the game or doing an interview with Mark Walters?
  10. Clinical performance so far. More of the same in the 2nd half please.
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