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  1. Very skewed mindset has Humza. Last I knew Britain was predominantly white with around 80-85% of the populus (maybe even slightly higher). The united kingdom was primarily white protestant christian going back hundreds if not thousands of years. So is it any wonder white people make up the overwhelming majority of the workforce and thus more senior positions. How many BAME individuals applied for the positions he refers to...no mention of that and he likely doesnt know either... 1? 5? 0? Again he just spouts off rhetoric with no data to back up what he is saying (as he did with us recently). Strikes me like one of those individuals (like the greens) that regardless if a white person has the qualifications/credentials/experience and aces an interview, that someone who is BAME should ascend and get the position instead...which they should if they are the best candidate but if they arent that is a ridiculous notion to me and is completely prejudice towards whites...theres a word for that, ironically. You cant award positions to BAME individuals just to show how diverse a government is at the expense of a white person who is potentially the best candidate. I'm all for diversity but it can only be done on merit, not because of the colour of someones skin, sexuality, disability etc. As he is focussing solely on white people in government ("our shame") should that white person, hypothetically, despite potentially being best qualified for a position, step aside for a BAME individual (despite not being the best qualified candidate) to take up the position instead because they are not white. The mind boggles. This snp government have also had 14 years to work on this so to come out now and cast flippant accusations of structural racism is laughable. I'm not denying its existence (most prominent in the past) but to blame that for the current enlightened government not being more diverse is criminal. Sorry the majority of people in Britain are white humza. Sorry the majority of people in the country you were born are white. It's clear he has a massive chip on his shoulder and it's a problem coming out with the statements he does, in the positions he holds. How the fuck has this guy, only in his mid thirties, managed to attain such senior positions. It's not for his ability anyway, the man is clueless, dangerously divisive and should be nowhere near frontline politics. I'm away to apply for positions in government in China, Arab states, etc. I'm surely diverse enough to them to be handed the job on a plate...
  2. I've not posted for ages but read the threads daily. Cant help it now; We have fucking DESTROYED them! Yaaaaaaas!!!!
  3. Not for me. Found wanting more often than not and we can't afford another passenger in the team. Had the odd good game but would default to type on a regular basis. Obviously has some talent but not good enough for us and I found him to be an extremely frustrating player to watch. It would be a backwards move for us imo. I'll be hoping that Gerrard has some more pull to entice far greater players than McKay.
  4. If it's true Wes wants out then it's a no brainer. He's a definite upgrade on wes and between the defence and wes we have leaked far too many goals this season. I understand people's thoughts on him and I share them to an extent, but ultimately he is a good goalkeeper and I'd overlook the past it if it helps us reach our goals. It was that long ago I can't fully remember his exact exodus, but if he improved the team, which I think he will, then we need to look at every viable option to mount a challenge next season.
  5. Fuck! This is just rumbling on and on and on. I understand wilder is wanting to maximise his earnings from the fight but he will probably make more from the AJ fight alone than his last 10 (+?) fights. And they have spoke of putting in a rematch clause in the states, bringing even more $$$ to the plate for him. Ffs what else can he want/expect more. It clearly is all about the money and not legacy for wilder, which I completely get, of course it's about money. Even his legacy as he puts it is a joke. Apart from Ortiz (who's in his 50's, maybe even 60's ) whos tank emptied or he would of likely won, wilder has fought a load of bums. I think the offer to him is fair. AJ is undoubtedly the A side. He is the one that generates this kind of money, not wilder by any means. At all. This isn't a charity. Wilder can't expect to get 50/50 from what AJ has done in his career thus far to have the interest in him that he does and the money that follows that. I would like to see the fight. I think AJ would win but that right hand of Wilders is certainly dynamite and a big risk for AJ so you just never know. With all the delay tactics and word shite from the wilder camp though it's getting to the point now i'd love it if wilder was sanctioned to fight a mandatory and loses...thereby also losing the AJ fight. I had hoped whyte would of got that shot who would certainly be a risky fight for wilder but obviously isn't to be. I'm sure AJ said last month he would just "freeze" wilder out if he wasn't reasonable which seems more likely than the fight happening at this stage unfortunately
  6. Played very well I thought and was a stand out in the team. Hopefully he can kick on and continue to put in performances like that and beyond
  7. It wouldn't happen but imagine it was souness. The fear would be strong with them; the panic that history could repeat twice. Anyways in the real world I do agree that there needs to be some better way of identifying an appropriate manager or candidates, and some kind of panel to assist determining the best option would surely be no bad thing. One things certain, Robertson is utterly clueless and should not be left alone to appoint who the next manager will be
  8. Heard this rumour; from a bheast no less so I'm calling It nonsense. If it were true it wouldn't just be a suspension for starters
  9. Fucking ragin about this, particularly with the filth game coming up. Hopefully it's not as feared
  10. Im between my tablet, raspberry pi/Tv and pc frantically trying to get a decent link. I'll fire the ps4 on as well :D what you using to watch on ps4?
  11. Ah I see i see. Cheers mate. Is that the same with ultimatemania i take it?
  12. Thanks BNB, I am familiar with the site just struggling to find a flawless stream. On a side note anyone know whats going on with sportmania? happy to pay for it but its not working
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