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  1. Probably wouldn’t find that either! Got my name back on the list so it’s all good
  2. I’ve a feeling I just re read it that it starts at mid day tomorrow! I have been out boozing in the sun and notice from tomorrow. So I’ll take myself to bed haha
  3. Yeah but when you go to do it there’s no space left??? Even though you’ve been on for 2 years and then you can’t get involved
  4. I dunno maybe a mistake with the system. But no happy the fact been on the list for 2 seasons. Then they turn round and say the original list has been wiped for this MyGers then you go to reapply to find it seems like people that weren’t waiting have got in. And that you can’t get a space in 40 mins from the email being sent. Don’t think that’s right.
  5. When you get to the end of the waiting list says there’s no room on the list left. Now they have wiped the original waiting list and introduced my gers
  6. I was the exact same and now there is no space left. What the hell is that about. Not happy like
  7. How does it work you’ve had your name on the waiting list for 2 years yet they release my gers and your name is no longer on the listen and you have to join but that many people have joined you can’t get in. Don’t think that is fair in the slightest!!!
  8. Nobody knows where Johnny has gone Johnny touched the live wire
  9. Yeah totally missed that one. Played up to the crowd to get his deal over the line then
  10. Ah not up to date on that one so aye that’s that one gone. well we best look at something. And something better than lower Scottish leagues and not a panic buy.
  11. I’d be going heavy for the boy Campbell from Stoke. and a winger as Jones offers nothing and possibly a proper CM that scores goals
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