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  1. A lot went right in the Dunfermline game
  2. The cry, was no surrender...
  3. That first league goal when the SFA walk out ?? our crowd last season, "the cry was NO SURRENDER, surrender and you'll die" Cunt from the SFA actually waited for is to stop singing man ??
  4. We need to take at least 3 off motherwell
  5. Get clinical in front of goal and I'm afraid we might actually have a team on our hands!
  6. And I swore like the rest, to the badge on my breast
  7. Imagine the taigs, their hero is bobby sands ?? Cunt smeared shite on the walls
  8. Apparently a lot of French signed up for this game and it was behind the initial bandwidth problems
  9. Sport TV2 under the Sports section in SportsMania has it in HD with Portuguese commentary
  10. His celebration today left absolutely no doubts, if there are still people out there who refuse to celebrate his goals I'd like to see them
  11. 2nd genuinely isn't tied up at all yet
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