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  1. Clyde Superscoreboard

    Brazil doesn't actually bother me, he's a tim and no shy to say it. It comes across more as banter with him though, I've never heard him sounds like he hates us or wants us dead
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Guaranteed to replace brenda
  3. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Until he loses 2 or 3 in a row, then it's get Murty to fuck, jobs too big for him, should never have been given the job, etc etc etc
  4. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    I laughed
  5. Our Board

    You get yourself to fuck. Thousands of decent bears had the wool pulled over their eyes with false promises and lies from these cunts is more like it. That's a big difference to the ones who actively helped get them in place and still support them.
  6. Our Board

    As much as I hate these cunts, there's nobody waiting to come in with an endless supply of money to replace them. Any Rangers fan who actively supported and got these chancers in place should hang their heads in shame. More worryingly there are still plenty who think this board are the right guys to take us forward. Unfuckingbelievable.
  7. Players we nearly signed...

    Maybe getting mixed up then mate, I was positive it was us
  8. Players we nearly signed...

    That would be the same doctor that said hartson wasn't fit. I'm surprised the taigs don't have supporters club named after him as well.
  9. Players we nearly signed...

    Pretty sure Ginola was close before he went to Newcastle. I think we went for Stuart Pearce as well at one point, don't know if that was ever likely though
  10. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Fuck the record, who cares what they run with
  11. Brenda

    What he is , is a half decent manager in a shite league with a budget nobody else can match.
  12. Brenda

    I think he's proved in Europe he's not actually that great.
  13. Brenda

    Why was he never considered for another job in England after Liverpool? From the time he left them to taking over at the scum, plenty of decent jobs were available down there at one time or other, even abroad, yet he was never approached. I don't think he's a great manager, decent at best, but you'd think someone would have taken a punt on him. Personally I think Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez and Gerrard carried him, and once they were gone, or fucked in the case of Sturridge, he was found out big time. I don't think he's got the bottle to go back there. O'Neil was found out when he went back down, as was popcorn teeth. Brenda wouldn't be any different.
  14. I remember the good old days when you didn't even know who the fuck was on the board, other than the chairman. Now it's the board need to do a statement on this, that and the next thing and everything else in between. I'd rather it was the manager or players who pointed out how shite the referees are after every match. Such as after today's match when they ask Murty what his view on it is, all he has to do is say, it was a free kick and a booking, but I'm still waiting for the officials to come in and apologise for their catalogue of mistakes, but they probably only do that for celtic. Highlight it in every interview, and take the fine that won't even make a dent in their wage anyway.
  15. MoH

    Rumour is the new manager doesn't want McLean