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  1. The legend, the gardener, the magic hat and the imposter, In any order you like.
  2. Best come back you can do? I'm well and truly put in my place
  3. Fuck up ya mongo
  4. Why the fuck would he want to be the new Kyle Lafferty? Even at his best, Lafferty was average.
  5. Take a wild guess
  6. Some people just can't see what's right in front of them mate.
  7. That's would I would guess as well mate, it's really not that difficult to work out. Or so you would think anyway.
  8. Just shows how far we've fallen when a shitebag like him actually got a chance at Rangers. There was a time not so long ago when players like him wouldn't have been fit to be a ball boy at Ibrox.
  9. Goram Stevens Gough Butcher Robertson Walters Gascoigne. Souness. Laudrup M. Johnston Hateley Subs - Klos, Numan, Steven, McCoist, McCall, Moore, McCann Manager - Dick Advocaat, best football I ever saw us play was under him.
  10. The unbelievable thing is, taigs still actually call it the daily Ranger.
  11. He's not good enough to play for Rangers at the top level, the championship was his level. He got the chance of ta lifetimeo join the club he loves, was he supposed to knock it back? I can't understand the abuse a proper bluenose gets when a clown like Taverner gets worshipped by some. Now there is a guy who isn't good enough and never will be.
  12. Stephane Adam Hans Hillhaus Paul Sturrock Dave Narey Ralph Milne Gordon Strachan Alex McLeish Also thought Robbie Neilson was a decent right back
  13. What our board should say - To all you smelly, bead rattling, know no shame bastard's who want our titles, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. What our board probably will say - In the interest of sporting integrity and bridges being built, we will happily relinquish all titles won during the ebt period. As an added gesture, we're giving Celtic the full Broomloan and Govan stands for the next five years games at Ibrox. Sorry if we upset you Peter.