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  1. If you think the board actually give a fuck about you, you're the tadger. In fact, I get what you did now, you were actually signing your message off as Tadger. At least your self awareness is good.
  2. One day people will realise, the board do not give a fuck about the fans or how they are portrayed. The only time they have interest is when it's ticket time.
  3. I think this hollicom mob get too much credit on here. I doubt they have complete control over the whole of Scottish media. More likely that the media is just full of taigs who don't need much encouragement to go against us.
  4. You're probably still staying with your maw and getting her to buy your trainers ya ride
  5. Loved that. The big man definitely gets it. Then you get fannies like ferguson who sell their soul for 30 pieces of silver.
  6. 14 or 16 teams. No split. 2 go down, two come up. No play offs, unless the make it 3 up 3 down. What's difficult?
  7. Who's behind this shite? Should be named and shamed. Unfortunately there will be plenty of mugs who buy it
  8. So what you want is, Rangers to swagger into the spfl offices, bang the evidence on the table and say "there's your dinner ya fenian bastard, now get the fuck out"?
  9. Our ex foreign players speak more highly of us than the so called homegrown fans.
  10. Tell them man utd were the first British club to win the European Cup, then you'll see how quickly the cunts want to be British
  11. When I stayed in Winchburgh, there was a cunt in his late 40s or early 50s, everyday at the shop, rain, hail or shine, full strip on. Top, shorts and socks. I used to just shake my head and laugh at him. There's definitely something wrong with the cunts.
  12. They don't have the bottle to cancel it.
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