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  1. I'm sure that school is in Livingston. Ladywell I think.
  2. Actually thought he was better than Numan as well. Just my opinion of course. Robertson had everything
  3. Who needs taigs when we've got cunts like you in the support.
  4. I know players have contracts, but there must be a point where you can legally withhold their wages or sack them without compensation due to breach of contract. Get him to fuck.
  5. Will they be selling training kit as well? I'm quite an auld cunt, so don't really like wearing football tops, I do like a couple of the training tops I've seen in photos though.
  6. Hard to judge when he's been played on the left when his natural position is right back. How would tavernier cope at left back? It's a scary thought tbh.
  7. Must be why we're after lafferty on the cheap
  8. Warburton talked a lot of shite about water and pitch geography and do plan A better. Fuck knows what Pedro was talking about 90% of the time, and murty was just a stuttering slevering version of warburton. I don't see how Steven Gerrards press conferences can be compared to any of that lot. One is a pure football man, the other 3 are nothing but chancers.
  9. That makes it even worse that we never gave him a chance. I hated that he played for the taigs, but he was always my favourite player at Liverpool. Him and Rush were deadly.
  10. I wasn't aware he trained with us. That kinda fucks up my last post lol
  11. I would say the fault must lie with Rangers. Given the choice, both of them would have signed for us over them. I've always wondered, how the fuck did Rangers not see a talent like Dalglish, and if they did see it, why didn't we sign him. Never thought about it hard enough to look into it right enough and still can't be bothered lol.
  12. You forgot to add Hurlock was fold broon up and put him in his back pocket kinda mental.
  13. Any coincidence that this is all happening after murray is gone?
  14. There's none so blind as those who will not see mate.
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