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  1. Tav

    He's shite
  2. Alex MacDonald

  3. Messi might miss world cup

    The players you listed were great players, and I'm sure if they had the benefit of sports science etc, they'd be even better. Talent is talent
  4. Linfield

    I remember it clear as day as well, along with, if I had a Tommy gun I'd shoot every fenian H**. Fuck knows when or how it changed. I remember working with a taig who had a photo of Ibrox from the late 30s, it was from a Scotland - Germany game and there was a swastika flying above the ground. Not uncommon for the Germans pre war. Could be that's got something to do with it. Time it was redirected back at them though.
  5. Are celtic really that good?

    They're the best shite team, in a shite standard league, full of shite teams. This shows when they're repeatedly raped in the champions league.
  6. Foderingham

    The fact that guys like him, taverneir, hodson etc are even at Rangers just shows how far we've fallen. Most of these guys are hearts or hibs standard at best. None of them are fit to wear a Rangers jersey. Even more baffling are the fans who think they're decent.
  7. Naismith

    What is it with cunts wanting to go backwards all the time? Bring back ex managers, bring back ex players, he's not even decent anymore. Being a rat bastard aside, he's a shite player.
  8. Worst manager in your lifetime

    The legend, the gardener, the magic hat and the imposter, In any order you like.
  9. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Best come back you can do? I'm well and truly put in my place
  10. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Fuck up ya mongo
  11. Windass Up Front ?

    Why the fuck would he want to be the new Kyle Lafferty? Even at his best, Lafferty was average.
  12. Why was Tav on the bench?

    Take a wild guess
  13. Some people just can't see what's right in front of them mate.
  14. That's would I would guess as well mate, it's really not that difficult to work out. Or so you would think anyway.