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  1. You're making a bit of a cunt of yourself here tbh
  2. How does this cunt even get a platform? He's done fuck all in the game. When you look at match of the day, the pundits are all top ex players. Even on talk sport. When you look at all the great players that have played in Scotland, the best they can come up with is this cunt and Thompson? He's better known for talking pish than he ever was for playing.
  3. They're like crack pipes to cunts. They've never got them out their hand. Yet when they smoked, they never had a fag on the go constantly. Fucking gimps
  4. That save from the header last night was as good as Gordon Banks. People compare him with Goram, and having seen both, every quality save Goram made, McGregor has made just as many, but I'd say McGregor has made more jaw dropping "how the fuck did he save that" kind of saves than Goram.
  5. Of course he can, he's a top class goalkeeper.
  6. He's either a taig or craving attention
  7. No point in even playing this fixture anymore. Just give the cunts the 3 points
  8. Are you crazy? Do you not know that players are not allowed to pass the ball sideways or backwards to retain possession while playing for Rangers?
  9. I'm old enough to have some great captains and great full backs. Tavernier couldn't lace their boots. The fact that so many on here actually think he's Rangers quality baffles me.
  10. Hazard a guess at how many points they've caused us while you're at it
  11. You reckon he'd be better at the back?
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