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  1. Of course he can, he's a top class goalkeeper.
  2. He's pumping the 5th one, so doesn't count as a kid to him.
  3. He's either a taig or craving attention
  4. No point in even playing this fixture anymore. Just give the cunts the 3 points
  5. Are you crazy? Do you not know that players are not allowed to pass the ball sideways or backwards to retain possession while playing for Rangers?
  6. I'm old enough to have some great captains and great full backs. Tavernier couldn't lace their boots. The fact that so many on here actually think he's Rangers quality baffles me.
  7. Hazard a guess at how many points they've caused us while you're at it
  8. You reckon he'd be better at the back?
  9. You're welcome, and I won't even bill you for it
  10. Must be a bad one mate, its Monday morning hahaha
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