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  1. So did you know he was going to call you infantile? Your reply was brilliant. I was listening as I was driving home and I burst out laughing when I heard it. Well done, you kept your cool and got your points across well and they resorted to name calling because they knew they didn't have a viable argument - how infantile! :-)
  2. Welcome home Charles, we missed you, hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Yes, Guidi seemed to get extremely hot under the collar and was aggressive towards anyone not agreeing with his views, very strange for someone not personally affected by the situation.
  4. Ally taking his opportunity to fight his corner and get the fans on his side after a positive result - puts the ball firmly into Mr Green's court to respond on bringing new players in. Ally was quite right to mention the fact that he only had a few days to put a team together, not an easy job. Well done for today's result given the press this week.
  5. ......Talking exclusively to the Gazette he said “I think that’d be a disaster. Rangers are huge and could weather that storm but I don’t know if there are any other clubs in Scotland who, if they were faced with the same challenge, could recover. It’d be very, very wrong and foolish to think they have to do the same to other clubs that they did to Rangers. - He's telling the SPL/SFA that although they tried to destroy Rangers, they failed because we are too strong for them. He is also reinforcing the fact that their actions were 'very, very wrong and foolish', “ I would definitely not want th
  6. Sorry but I've got to disagree......10-0 would be more fitting.
  7. Can someone let me know why they are boycotting SPL matches, are they showing solidarity with us.........or have the weans grown out of their school uniforms again?
  8. I think you might be onto something here.......sorry, I meant on something!
  9. Surely there must be a conflict of interests here - or maybe not.
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