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  1. Sometimes I still laugh when I see jermaine defoe as our back up striker. So good. Depth will win us the league and cups
  2. What about at least 20 million you get for qualifying , it may be higher now , after selling tierney it would be a blow if they qualified. They could afford too make a few bad signings.
  3. Glad if they are out , but hope lennon has enough time to really fuck up there
  4. Arsenal are a joke spending that much on him. Out for 6 weeks. Honestly who did his medical ? Daniel levy?
  5. Lafferty chucked it , his hearts form was decent then he was just woeful for us. Hope he fucks off to china.
  6. Andy halliday is a player Rangers need to keep. He lives and breathes Rangers and when asked upon has come into the team and did a good shift, rarely let the team down. Even harder when you do not get a run of games to get to peak condition and form. Candeias has been a great servant. I hope he stays his last year and wins some silverware with us. I do agree that we have far too many players needing gone. It could be the difference between us getting 1 or 2 players of quality when the wages are freed up.
  7. He was amazing for us last year and never shied away from.a game or putting a shift in.
  8. I hope all the power these vermin hold is a real eye opener for all us bears. They have weaseled into so many top positional it is not a coincidence. We are the majority in this country and yet are second fiddle to child molesters and those that cover it up. Its time to get our young ones more than ever higher up socially. We all need to get off our backside and vote in numbers. It is something I will rectify myself as I was not favourable towards politics , like.many bears fans. It seems they hold all.the keys to power in scotland without a fight for a long long time. It may take a generation but If scotland and the union is to prosper we need to really tackle these vermin and either kick them out or put them back in their place. It wont be easy but if they are left unchecked they destroy even.childrens lives.
  9. Lee bowyers transfer fund left with aribo. Hope he gives the middle creativity and we do not have to rely on the more defensive or central midfielders as much. Aribo and kamara in the middle should be far too tough for the scottish league.
  10. He gets better every year. He is english and he is getting good exposure it seems. The only thing is he plays in our league. Down south he would sell for upwards of 20 million. Although nowhere near as much the inflated prices in england it should be working in our favour aswell. Look at dembele across the city.
  11. David weir not a legend...........
  12. Any particular video/highlight you enjoyed more than others.
  13. Legend ? What Rangers fan is going to be watching videos of lee wallace in 10 years.
  14. Mclean RFC


    Premier league quality and hugely underated in our team.
  15. Watching david de gea react like lightning to a shot reminds me of klos. Has any club in the world been gifted with great keepers like us. Although not at that level I think mcgregor is a fantastic keeper too.
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