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  1. Bring them on because we are not scum. If anyone at Rangers covered this up they will.be brought to task , outed forever and hopefully punished by law and made.to compensate victims. Even.if it was walter smith or graeme souness. No one is above Rangers and no one will.make us change our values, we wontprotect those that are hurting and abusing.children , or covering it up. We are not like celtic. Let them launch a public inquiry. We wont deny it. We wont go hounding.victims or dishing out death threats to those trying to bring about justice.
  2. I was already a gerrard fan boy before seeing this. New screen saver , new laptop desktop image , any new device now has gerrard in a Rangers top all fucking over it.
  3. Mclean RFC


    I fucked up , of course stop 9 but it would kill me if they got 10. And that is what they are after.
  4. Mclean RFC


    To be fair hell most likely be a coach down south and working with sky sports when he retires. Such is his fame for jist about everything he does. I only hope he stays at least one more year , stopping 10 in a row with gerrard. When they hit the sky panels all they will talk of is Rangers. If he left this summer I would be gutted but watching defoe hit hattricks for my team makes me feel chuffed. And grateful to see such a player here. I was young in the 90s I didnt grasp how good we were till advocaats era when I really paid attention.
  5. Mclean RFC


    A model professional and a fine human. They do not come much better than him.
  6. Your resorting to high school level shite so I take it you have no intelligent counter to my reply. Fair doos.
  7. "Always" suggests he never started ahead of flannigan at left back. Nonsense.
  8. That is just unfair on halliday , up until recently he was our top performer at left back due to barisic being off form. Halliday would be a fine captain.
  9. It really is a good Rangers side now. Still cannot believe we have those two quality strikers. The teams in the english premier league would be lucky to have defoe and alfredo. As goals go I do not think many teams have more and the goal.scoring charts would look really interesting aswell for our strikers. Good to see Rangers this way except the odd result , the way they are meant to be. Gerrard will.get 55
  10. Sasa papac. Not only a left back but david weirs man on the left who never shied from helping weir with his lack of pace. He was the only player who did not get better alongside weir. Just slotted in and gave nothing but consistency. Was already at a high level. And of course his penalty in the uefa cup semi. His status as legend all but confirmed then.
  11. Mclean RFC


    I get your point and I agree but right now I feel steve davis is like david weir except a midfielder. He is most likely.the fittest there now after a catch up period at his age when he was not match fit. If we got another season after this out of him I will be happy. He played superb for southampton , wore the armband for a time. Just like defoe they have lived in a division that has the best british and foreign talent. Hes too good to be dropped and I really hope that jack will be his natural successor , although there roles are slightly different.
  12. Arteta and barry ferguson for me. Mendes was a signing and a half for us though.
  13. IBarry ferguson. He belongs at Rangers in some capacity. If not him then duncan ferguson so I know no cunt is skiving.
  14. If we get a trophy here and the players develope a winning mentality and thirst for it then I do not see celtic being a problem. Gerrard has given belief but they have a mental block when it comes to celtic.
  15. That line up looks scary. Morelos on the left and helander controlling the midfield
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