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  1. i shook my head at the 0.5 percent of people dying. the death rate in italy alone is lurking around 10 percent. go look at the numbers you ignorant man. you are so far up your own arse it is not even funny anymore. i watched that joe rogan podcast with the expert who had served three previous american governments as a top health expert. you need to get off youtube pal and look at the numbers. because with 0.5 percent like you said your currently 20 times less than what it actually is in italy. globally the death rate is 5 percent roughly. 10 times more than what you said. pig ignorant.
  2. 0.138 percent of people per 100,000 die of respiratory illness. and this is every three years. currently the corona virus in a quarter of a year has killed 10,000 and infected 200,000 + with a mortality rate of around 5 percent by those numbers, which vary depending on countries. and this is 5 percent globally. not per 100k. so it really does paint a dire picture on how lethal this will be. and another consideration is china and iran most likely are smudging their numbers on a huge scale. by those numbers we would see 40,000 deaths ina year. but the graphs are showing the rate of death and infections is doubling at least every 5 days. to put into further perspective. of the 3 months this crisis has unfolded it has been i the last 3 weeks we have seen the death rate triple. also watch america in the coming days, that continent is about to be ravaged. their recent daily new infectons is reaching insane daily numbers not seen anywhere yet ,except china in its peak.
  3. we do the right thing and we try and save as may lives as we can till there is a vaccine available which thousands around the world are working on. not ust cast aside countless lives and countless millions around the world because were all gonna get it and we need an economy. if were gonna get hit hard we may aswell do it for the right reasons. i think that is what a protestant would do. not safeguard his economy. a real protestant would stand fast and do what ever a man coud do in these circumstances. i will accept being what you say i am , but better to be a prick than a heartless bastard. just because you have gave up doesnt mean we all will. again i will ask how you expect the hospitals to deal with 10 million people that will need respiratory equipment, maybe yourself. or people that you love. it is even being reported ot be transmitted to our pets now.
  4. realistically that is what will happen. but i wont justify or endorse sacrificing the few world wide for the many. And maybe some research on the matter also. The amount of people who need respiratory machine yet do not die is quite alarming, if we let the virus run its course then we do not have the resources to treat them. by your justification we would be leaving people to suffer in their homes and in many cases die gasping for breath . or maybe you can shed light on how 66.4 million people alone in the UK are going to manage when 1 in 6 needs hospitalised. so you want 10 million people in hospital over what time frame? stop thinking about your money. the world needs less selfish bulshit and more brave people willing to fight alongside each other. this is our new war of the generation as people have said. i am sorry this is all such a big inconvenience to you.
  5. went through this with my old mother. wish you and your dad the best of luck and never stop fighting. keep the head clear and positive and your dad has a fighters chance.
  6. i never said ir does. but you said you dont care celtic are going to be given a league, and that my friend is my issue. if it does not mean anything to you to be a Rangers supporter then that does not mean it is the same with others. it just means you dont support Rangers as well as you should for a common poster on a Rangers forum. does that fall under Rangers fan bollocks to you also ?
  7. you do not care that celtic get handed a 9th trophy in a row without actually winning it. you talk round a lot of circles and some things you say are very good to read and impart us with some knowledge. but i aint never heard a Rangers fan say they dont care about losing a title, never mind handing celtic a 9th in a row. please be a real Rangers fan and retract that sentence. or why dont you go sit with the scum on their forums, im not saying your a celtic fan maybe reccomending you pend time with them, maybe you find out you have been supporting the wrong team all along. you clearly care for others more than you do Rangers.
  8. every nation had a different rule book but it did not stop the games being cancelled across the world when world war 2 kicked off. thats like how many organisations? that is how many different rule books ? the SFA can try and stop the season being cancelled but legally can they provide anything from their rule book that states an uncompleted season will be handed to the team currently sitting top. the games will not be played in the summer. we can barely rearrange a match under normal circumstances. each day my point will be made abundantly clear with the rise in cases. the only feasible options are hand a team trophy they have not won or cancel the season. sing , dance and murmer all you want but it comes down to this if we truly have to simplify things. This wont be going away anytime soon.
  9. This 100 percent. they are unfortunate it has happened this way but that is how it is. no one is to blame for what has happened. but at the end of the day nothing has been won. null and void. any Rangers fans saying they cannot be caught , or give it to them without them getting the required points to do so can fuck off. our words are no surrender. Even if they were one point from winning the league and they were meant to play tomorrow i would not hand it to them. not until they have earned it.
  10. The way our board bow down to the SFA and celtic i would not be surprised if they reccomended celtic get the title. our words and cry is no surrender. it is not over till its over. And its a long way from over so if they get the title then we sue, win the case and then we get a free year at stopping them. The scum just cant accept a world pandemic take precedence over their tainted charge to 10 in a row.
  11. the end result is a massive financia hit globally, no point making it worse and prolonging it. a national emergency needs to be called and people giving a chance to prepare, then we all go into isolation.
  12. The gathering in thousands of people need to stop. To risk the lifes of the elderly and those with underlying health issues for your enjoyment is fucking wrong. we need to show why we love being british and do whats right here. prepare and isolate. solidarity is needed. like someone said before Rangers will survive, but the rest will crumble and i guess karma is not a bitch, its an asian flu.
  13. gerrard needs to stay. when the players actually believe in themselves and in him then we are a very good european side. and the results have shown it. all these big figures over the windows has made our players egos massive i would wager. maybe they do not get motivated for playing in the poor scottish league. That is a mentality isssue, and it is nothing to do with gerrard. teams do not get bad in a week or two unless the players down tools. until we find out what reason has caused them to do so then i will back gerrard and not lay bame at his feet that is not justified. he is a rookie manager still and he has took us into europe twice, got us playing really well for the first half of the season. some really proud moments. and he will not give up i believe. he doesnt know how. and that is what every Rangers manager should have. it is ust such a perilous position for him, the tension, and the dooming prospect of them winning ten in a row. it is by far one of the biggest pressures any Rangers manager has had to deal with in a long time in regards to football only. if he has not given up then he knows what it means to be a ranger. no surrender, in the good times and the bad.
  14. every time fury unloaded on wilder he made sure to be blocking off his right arm to avoid being hit by his only weapon. when tyson says he will do something he does it.
  15. quite rightly so. Your writing like one of them.
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