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  1. i would play him defensive midfield. you do not need anything fance from him but every team needs a player who can win the ball and also hold the ball and dstribute well in the middle under pressure. His form dipped with the rest of the squad but when he was at his best he really was crucial in the middle alongside jack.
  2. your looking for consistency from a player whose goals literally got us through europe and pretty much was the only decent player we had after xmas. and the mentality of the team then it would be hard for messi or ronaldo to find form. the boy is a fantastic talent. and if our attitude and mindset is consistent and does not die at new year then he will flourish,
  3. dont give up on scotland mate. that is how these bastards win. but each and every day it gets a little more intolerable.
  4. watching a celtic fan interview people. not for me.
  5. we need a proper right winger. hagi and aribo or whoever else gets shoehorned in there is not the way to go. it makes all our good attacks come from the left and that makes ryan kent less effective. we need wingers with pace.
  6. or maybe gerrard has taken our team up a level in his tenure here. look at our euro runs. we broke records doing what we have done. The players chucked it for whatever reason because they probably do not like being told by a legendary footballer and serial winner that they are shitebag imposters in a Rangers top. the team was flying. anyone want to argue this im all ears. people are just saying whatever shite comes to mind to criticise the team. anything at all when we are not winning. be critical but some of it since the scum got the title has been embrassing.
  7. and we know how being 3-0 down in a champions league final went for him too. absolute roaster for that comment.
  8. make ryan jack captain. His consistency is good and he has that fight in him. he has also improved under gerrard.
  9. at new year i guarantee none of the players being slaughtered on here would have crossed your mind to being sold. unless alfredo for big money. something has happened within our club i would like to understand. Because when we beat the tarriers and went top at their own ground we had a good team. mentality seems to be an issue. Players do not become bad overnight. mixing it with big euro teams and beating them at their own ground. although we do have a bench full of average players who have failed to contest the first team for their places.
  10. a wonder how many facebooks likes that guy was envisioning while being an obsessed cunt.
  11. boycott till you can boycott no more.
  12. been saying it a longtime now the fans are the answer to all of this and we need to boycott every team otherwise years and years of this to come. The chairman did well in recent events with the EGM. We highlighted issues that needed highlighted. We can hold our heads up high. But that is about it. The position the irish republicans have gotten into this country without so much as a whimper is the most alarming thing about it all. we could point fingers at all protestants/Rangers fans and say we could have done more.But in reality we just need to make sure we do more going forward. Our board will not fight this fight and win. No new PR guy can turn the media tide in this country. Only the fans can apply the financial squeeze needed on them. they care about two things. Being scum and having money. They will always be scum but they wont always have money. It is not a complicated thing for us to achieve. if we do not find a way to stop this then i fear our young bears fans are going to have miserable years ahead for them at ibrox.
  13. never knew death perception was a thing. i do now and thank you for todays knowledge.
  14. the occasion outlives the result every time. A day in my life i will never ever forget. I could hear the banging of the drums echoing off the city walls as i entered manchester. It was like we won a battle and came to claim our reward. Manchester was ours that day.
  15. a lot of Rangers fan unfortunately are just too passionate and without composure. Like your points state we knew what/is coming but some of our own cant help themselves. These will be the same people filling up away games when the football starts. our chairman has shown extremely high levels of morality and class. But most importantly shown he will not bottle it like the rest of the clubs.
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