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  1. quite rightly so. Your writing like one of them.
  2. TLB is unstable as fuck. cannot wait for the pressure to get to him..
  3. play defoe up front with kent and morelos supporting him. Aribo and arfield are good players but are wasted on the right.
  4. Brazil will die a bitter alky. He is out of order but the more fuss made about him the more relevant he becomes. Especially to that lot. Anyone who seems to get under our skin even ust a little bit is paraded and elevated to sainthood in their eyes. Mccoist should be ashamed. But we all know the depths he has went too. and now hes just the ''Rangers yes guy'' for taig broadcasts to get them hits. So he also promotes this show to allow a Rangers player to be spoke about in horrible terms. Conributing you may say. Mccoist should never be allowed back in any capacity. Too be a legend and piss all over the people who grow up worshipping you is shocking. but then again there are many who get pictures with him everywhere he goes.
  5. no i just am old enough to know people mature mentally quicker than others. hes feisty as hell. that is obvious give where he was born and the circumstances he went through to get where he is just now. It is a remarkable story that is far from finished. He just needs to be a little more mature which will come naturally or he can try work on it. he has my ful backing, but any fans who think he does not show signs of immaturity are kidding themselves on. The media have been cunts to him and lay the boot in. but goading fans and diving when the ref is lookig to send you off is immature. so yeah i dont think he has ''mental problems''. just a minor maturity issue for a young man. Which is not uncommon. P.S there is a leader inside him aswell. the way he has clawed games bac for us and kept going is the stuff of legend. most noticeably i say was the game in holland with his two goals. Until alfredo got those goals we were doig nothing it seemed.
  6. typed in ''ryan christie diving'' on google and it nearly blew up with all the links.
  7. gonna have to look up vidoes of ''tom christie daly'' just now.
  8. how is it rubbish ? the point is he should be saying to himself if i do this or that then i will be sent off. regardless if its fair or not. we all know scottih football is the problem but we need to be box clever with all this or were gonna miss alfredo in the big games and we need him. but i dont think he has a leg to stand on with his last two sending offs. goading opposing fans(accused of) and diving. like i said a more mature alfredo wont leave the park in those circumstances. i am just glad he is improving. when you see a person try then he is worth more time. refs are cunts but lets not make their day any easier.
  9. alfredo needs to mature. as silly as his sending offs were he could hae avoided them and thats what gerrard means. diving and celebrating to opposing fans is only gonna end up one way for him. it is bullshit he gets victimised like that but eventually he has to accept it and try his best to deal with these scum or its going to be the same results each time. all in al his discipline is miles better. but like the gaffer said no is perfect and he s making the effort to solve the issues.
  10. play alfredo on the right and bring in a versatile striker. Big solid centre backs cant handle him nevermind fullbacks. I feel the right is our obvious weakness. And it makes us easy to read if we know the problems will come from the left. His goals may go down but not by much. Otherwise perhaps all the deadwood leaving will be put on a right winger of real quality. Must be saving a ot of money that was being wasted on players not in the first team.
  11. A real leader of men. Perfect for Rangers. no whinging. only winning. you see with many athletes throughout sport how a bad loss can effect them badly because they dwell on it. With gerrard i feel he says what he needs to say about the game then moves on to winning the next.
  12. it depends on the markets. and the price of decent players is way higher now. guys like kamara and jack you can push for 15-20 million. it used to be scottish football hindered the price of our stars. but even with the inflated prices now we get top dollar for our best players now. as celtic have in recent years. morelos going for 30m for me is still cheap. When he matures and is ready he will play for a top team in the champions league and be worth 50m to 100m easily. english players with talent are worth a fortune. Tavernier is worth at least 10 million. In the end it is all what the other team values and what your board value a player as they all have a price. but to be fair with these markets right now there is serious money to be made. Ajax for years produced , sold on and kept their finances in order. but now they are selling their stars for a minimum 30 million each, de jong ad de light massive fees. its about more than just getting on now for ajax. if they maintain their methods they will be a super rich club.
  13. hopefully he went to meet celtic and played them his favourite uefa cup final highlights against them in seville when porto ran over the top of them and broke their hearts. the man will always be a legend in my eyes for that alone. And deco. And victor baia for diving after catching the ball and everyone in that porto team who wound down the clock.
  14. goldson is class. his progression has been excellent from when he signed for us. he could have stayed with brighton and waited for his chance in the premier league. katic and barisic in the same team has to happen more. amazing talents and best friends. things like that matter in football. If that means helander does not get as many games then so be it, although i am a fan of the big swede.
  15. whats it going to take ? our players getting their career wrecked with two footed challenges that go unanswered. even after the match? that is beyond troubling. Is it not bad enough we have to play on plastic pitches at times. No your gonna have the opposition have free reign in trying to break your leg too. hard to fathom but i just thin what 55 will do, and al the bullshit left to fight to reach it.
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