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  1. Still think we'll smash the tarriers o feathery one. Any more eggs laid today?
  2. It's dubbed wrong. It doesn't look like he's saying that.
  3. Fire 10 shots on target at their keeper and we win this. He's a massive liability.
  4. I see what you're saying and it's a tough one. Really like the Cumdog but dropping Morelos is definitely a risky move, but for all we know, Morelos could miss a barrowload and Cummings scores the winner. I'd hate to be a manager, huge pressure! We're winning this anyway.
  5. He was going through severe depression at that point in time and to this day remembers nothing of his time at the Torbett slums. More than proved his worth to us since.
  6. He sets an example to everyone. What a pro, what a guy. 55 will be delicious.
  7. Have some Goddamned belief, young spiderling.
  8. When he bangs in the winner in the 97th minute you don't get to celebrate then. You have to just sit there, motionless and with a neutral expression and think "I should never have made that post on Rangers Media last week"
  9. We're gonna tear them a new arsehole. I'm sure Dean Shiels will have a wee chuckle too after their disgraceful treatment of him throwing the false eyeballs on the pitch a few months ago. 6-0 on the road to lifting the Scottish Cup.
  10. Jeezo Rangers I'm gonna have to revise my 0-3 prediction at this rate! It feels great to believe 55 is a possibility at this point
  11. Don't we all on here Forgot about Alves and Herrera. Was expecting Wallace over Halliday but fuck it. If we are serious about this league then we should not be worrying about the pig farmers of Perth.
  12. So Wallace and Miller could make appearances tonight? Nerves are starting to take hold. My confidence in our team is the highest it's been for years though which is a nice settler. 3 nil the famous Glasgow Rangers
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