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  1. McGregor’s save was unbelievable!
  2. Did we not ridicule him for the whole cumdog stuff at the time? The word should never be spoken again.
  3. Think he already does play above his age. He’s 15 I think and came on for the 20s or 21s a few weeks ago.
  4. Matt scored 5 for his school team today also. 12 goals in 3 matches for his school this season. 9 goals in 2 days, the lad seems to have something about him for sure!
  5. There was a bookie on talk sport earlier saying they had already taken in the region of 800 bets for Burnley to win the Premier League next season already! ?
  6. Since we're doing public apologies I'd really like to say sorry to my mate Stevie for shagging his mum when I was 19. He knows I would never intentionally shag her, it just happened. I'll give you a PM later mate, maybe catch you for a beer! ??
  7. On loan, not permanently but forever!
  8. Jonatan Johanson 106 as well Bocanegra has 110 Reyna 112
  9. Dado How's tricks? Matched betting well worth a go mate! ??
  10. It's too complicated for you!
  11. I suppose it depends what you are rating him on. For desire, passion etc I think it would be difficult to overrate him but in terms of footballing ability he was average at best!
  12. I think I'm right in saying Albertz was up with the top scoring midfielders in Europe, something like 80 odd in 4 seasons. Souness was a completely different type of player and much more defensive midfielder/anchor man who would control the midfield and generally boss anyone he was up against, not forgetting he was an excellent ball player too! You don't play CM in a five time league winning and three time European Cup winning team without being a pretty special player!
  13. I know mate, what a fucking team! You wouldn't mind forking out for a season ticket to watch that team!
  14. I loved Albertz but Souness was on a different level than that, plus Albertz couldn't tackle a fish supper! Maybe the Souness that played for Rangers, at that point in his career then there is a choice to make but over the course of their respective careers it's not even an discussion in my opinion!
  15. Even when I was picking it I was thinking how fucking amazing that team would be! We've had so many top players over the years it's impossible to pick. I kinda feel sorry for some of the younger fans when you see them picking guys like Novo, Jelavic, Hutton etc in an all time Rangers XI. With all due respect to these players who did good jobs for us at the time, they really aren't anywhere near the level of some of the older guys!
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