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  1. I once made a team with players that used to be at us but moved on, they were very impressive! Arteta is brilliant! That sounds like fun. I wouldn't mind doing something like that, but a lot of the players are older now. I once made a team with players that used to be at us but moved on, they were very impressive! Arteta is brilliant! Aye Arteta's been great for me too. That's good to hear.
  2. I'm a fan of the rugby jerseys and I really like the Portsmouth shirt. It would be good if they did the kit next season like.
  3. Fecking Australia prioritize the FA Cup over the Rangers game - I freaking don't! Tonight will be the beginning of a season winning run!
  4. You would think if he doesn't get played now that he'll never get played again. So, I suppose he should.
  5. I agree, Garry. I like both Thomson and Davis, but Thomson is my choice. I do think Davis would make a very good vice-captain. I do agree with RevolutionJon on Davis having the club in his heart, which is something I have wondered about Thomson. He's just such a smart player and that's the kind of captain you want.
  6. I think Ashley is close to being the best in the world. There are people that agree and people who completely disagree. Bridge is very good, but I wouldn't have expected £12m ~ That's good for Chelsea!
  7. I like the idea of getting players back. How's Arteta doing?
  8. I support Chelsea because of the Blues Brothers thing, but I'm not passionate about Chelsea like I am Rangers. People will say stuff to me about Chelsea and I'm not affected. If they're a Liverpool supporter, they expect me to be anti-Liverpool as they're anti-Chelsea, but I don't care ~ They're just English teams - Rangers are who I care about.
  9. I agree, but that's sort of what I wanted. I was thinking of doing the mosiac thing that you have on your Boyd banner, but I prefered having it plain and ordinary. You can tell me how you did the stuff on the right though, if you don't mind.
  10. As a fan, I want him at Rangers, but would he play? Would he be very good if he did play? I actually want it to happen.
  11. I think that would be pretty difficult to do. I've just done Papac. ....and Pedro Mendes. He has turned out well, but I don't like the hair as I use that for Mario Gomez.
  12. Beauie

    First Wallpaper

    The font would probably look better without the stoke. The foreground picture would probably be better by itself or out of the way of the background picture.
  13. The background is good and I think the text is very good, but I think you could have placed it better. You did well with the render.
  14. Beauie

    PC Multiplayer

    Was it necessary to do that?
  15. AYE THATS WHEN HE WAS ON FORM That's what I thought.
  16. Beauie

    PC Multiplayer

    Does anybody want to play me in either PES 2009 or FIFA 09? Edit: Make that just FIFA ~ Unfortunately.
  17. This is the best news. Good way to start the day.
  18. Beauie


    tbh i never thought of asking him I bought Bradley on FIFA 08. I didn't care, he got the job done.
  19. Beauie


    Will Ian be happy to see Bradley playing for Rangers?
  20. Weren't Tottenham willing to pay £9 for him in the summer?
  21. I'm very glad to see Kenflo in there, but his shorts look crap. I'm excited to play a good UFC game with today's fighters in it. I have the other UFC games and they are not good. I think we could be a little disappointed with it, but I still expect a solid game - I think for fight fans though, Fight Night Round 4 will be the game to get.
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