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  1. Our chances of getting FDB are similar to that of getting a royal flush in hold em Derek knows the club, loves the club and has the mentality and CV to point to that suggest he would achieve at Ibrox with the budgets we have (not the budget dreamed up by some on here) if we had a big FM wage and transfer budget then yeah De Boer with 40m but without a pot to piss in I'll take McInnes and we'll march onwards soberly and with wins.
  2. It's funny I have a friend who's sat in the east enclosure for about 10 years, proper Rangers man and think he's been a member of this forum all that time who's never posted because he says the forum is full of people getting shot down for the sake of it. (cue joke about female sensitivity or sumhin)
  3. 1st Hemdani last minute 1-1 2006 loved the goal but still kept us 16 points behind I think PLG for ye
  4. I met Tav last year when I worked in a shop in Glasgow City Centre won't go into specifics but I couldn't help him product discontinued and he looked like he wanted to kill me big wannabe hard man stare i was just looking at him like ok you can leave billy big time think he was hungover actually.
  5. Wouldn't like to see another English based manager get the role for a while - MW left us with a squad of players with no understanding of the club who are happy to stroll back down to league 1 when their contracts are up walter (different times I know) signed Scottish backbone and it's time we got back to our roots and back to the basics on the park.
  6. Good luck chief I'm sure you'll do grand.
  7. First post in 6 yes 6 years!!! I really think Frank is pie in the sky stuff and something that has never really been discussed at board room level with the DOF coming in I can't see it but think Derek M should get the gig 2 and a half year deal not a world class appointment but definitely deserving of it given his work at Pittodrie.
  8. would be like mccoist and hateley all over again
  9. The thing is many are critising the signings i have said i would make what about mccoists goal of retaining the loan players me vs. mccoist Wallace - Foster Bartley - Bartley Conway - Diouf Templeton - dunno (weiss is going to espanyol) Goodwillie - Healy must be hoping bombers done his homework...
  10. Think people need to show more respect for the group of players that have done so well for the club over the last 3/4 years adding bartley, wallace, conway, templeton and goodwillie would be a huge boost for the players and the club, rangers got 93 points last season and with those additions i think they could get more.
  11. Wouldn't say any were pointless buys there is a need to beef up the squad regardless and these players could come in and play their part in a successful rangers team, especially goodwillie who is without doubt better than Lafferty and is being tracked (apparently) by richer clubs than the rangers. Edu showed in the last 3 games of the season when mcculloch came back that if edu plays to his potential then mcculloch doesnt have a look in Weir needs to stay to help the young squad and help Darren Cole, Jordan McMillan and Kyle Bartley. I certainly think Bartley is good enough to play in Weir's absence. McCulloch would be a back up. TBH I don't really think much of Fleck and think that if he was back up striker and scored a couple goals this season then rangers could maybe sell him for £500k - £1m and thats my only reason for keeping him.
  12. GK: 1 Allan McGregor, 12 Neil Alexander, 23 Grant Adam DR: 2 Steven Whittaker, 13 Kirk Broadfoot DC: 5 Madjid Bougherra, 16 Darren Cole, 24 Jordan McMillan DC: 4 David Weir, 15 Kyle Bartley (Loan) DL: 3 Sasa Papac, 14 Lee Wallace (£1.5m) MR: 7 Steven Naismith, 18 Craig Conway (Bosman) MC: 8 Steven Davis, 19 Jamie Ness MC: 6 Maurice Edu, 17 Lee McCulloch, 25 Kyle Hutton ML: 11 Gregg Wylde, 22 David Templeton (2m) ST: 9 Kyle Lafferty, 20 David Goodwillie (£2m) ST: 10 Nikica Jelavic, 21 John Fleck BYE BYE James Beattie (£250k) Net transfer spend: £5.25m 25 man squad 22 with spare goalkeeper, defender and midfielder 21 out of 25 British 4 foreign players Papac, Bougherra, Jelavic, Edu 21 out of 25 under 30 4 players over 30 Weir, Papac, McCulloch, Alexander
  13. McGregor Whittaker Bougherra Bartley Papac Hutton Weiss Davis Edu Diouf Laffatron
  14. Got a really good feeling about this 2-0 to the scottish champions
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