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  1. Wonder if this guy has links or a connection to Alastair Johnston?
  2. Well done Frank de Boer http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/sport/soccer/a/20387868/seriously-ill-football-fan-becomes-a-player-for-a-day/
  3. McKay and Aird are off to the Dallas Cowboys
  4. I don't agree with the ban. If I was Ally, I would've still allowed them access, however, like Fergie did when he was at war with the BBC would send one of my underlings. Not Durrant, McDowell or even Jim Stewart. I would consistently send Jimmy Bell (kitman and team bus driver) to respond to all post match interviews, with the intention of answering any question with the likes of "the kits were well soiled this week, took two washes to get them clean" and "the state of the road works on the A9". At the pre-game briefings a simple "no comment" from Ally would suffice.
  5. Derek McInnes did a terrific job on Luc Nilis that night if memory serves....
  6. He didn't seem to get a fair Krakow the whip.....
  7. Ibrox (/ˈaɪbrɒks/; from Scottish Gaelic: Àth Bruic "badger ford", Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [aʰ pɾɯʰkʲ]) is now a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It is situated south of the River Clyde and is part of the former Burgh of Govan.[1]
  8. Bolton Wanderers? OWEN COYLE has been sacked by Bolton Wanderers following the club's poor start to the season. The Trotters, relegated from the Premier League in May, currently lie 18th in the Championship after claiming only three wins in their first 10 matches. Chairman Phil Gartside said in a statement on the club's official website: "Owen poured his heart and soul into the job, both on and off the pitch, and he led our club with great dignity during some very challenging times." But he added: "It is the right time for a change. We set a target at the beginning of the season and want to
  9. Does anyone remember a picture of Kenny Dalglish in a Rangers jersey appearing in the Rangers News when he was a scout with us for a time? Am sure I remember he played some part in a Reserve game and it was the away jersey he was wearing when he came on as a substitute.... Please tell me I didn't imagine it, but can't find any confirmation on Google.
  10. The unsponsored top is a limited run. You'll see from the website they only have XL sizes + left. Am gutted as I'd walk over broken glass to get my hands on one of those tops in a medium, but I don't believe they are re-stocking.
  11. I have heard conflicting opinions of Jardine as a person but you can't fail to see that he seems to be one of the minority of ex players who has really nailed his colours to the mast in these testing times and I hope this is recognised. Did he get himself removed from the SFA Hall of Fame or did he just threaten to do so?
  12. Seems like everything McGuire gets involved in seems to turn to shit! A bit like Spiers in that respect
  13. The other reasons John wouldn't are that he wouldn't be able to repay his gambling debts and have enough cash to fun another hair transplant....
  14. Him and Reyna must have been good mates. I think Reyna ended up naming one of his kids after Gio. He was a cracking player and had a good partnership with Ferguson in midfield
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