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  1. Jesus, hadn't actually watched that before. Guy on fire at the end. Awful.
  2. Scotland haven't "achieved" anything yet but anyone who's watched them and knows the first thing about football can see they've improved under Strachan. I'm amazed anyone is actually trying to argue this. He's taken largely the same group of players who were so poor under levein, unearthed a couple of gems to supplement them and got Scotland playing with confidence against some very good sides. Watching Scotland play out from the back in short, quick triangles against Poland was probably the first Scotland side in my lifetime I'd seen not pass the ball back to the keeper and lump it long. I
  3. Yep agree with you that the early signs are positive
  4. Still far, far too early to judge McCall. Any bounce in results with a new manager is usually a player attitude thing. Like a Sherwood effect. Takes months to actually see if a manager is any good.
  5. Too many people sitting on the fence in this thread
  6. I don't even think Fletcher has played that well today
  7. In fairness the NI support was full of Rangers fans. I was in there with the away fans with a couple of friends who go to all the GAWA matches, home and away and they said the songs and atmosphere were totally different. Repeated renditions of Rule Britannia, GSTQ, independence songs etc. It's not really a surprise given the location of the match.
  8. Prodan wins for me. Signed him for big money (£4m?), injured for about 2 years solid, all the time picking up a huge wage. He finally gets back to full fitness and we release him on a free. Baffling.
  9. Thought Ozil was probably Arsenal's best player last night, particularly in the second half.
  10. Don't let that put you off mate. Tear him a new one! Some players deserted us and get dogs abuse. Some players showed loyalty and stayed and get accused of only being in it for the money. They can't win (no pun intended!)
  11. People should read the article. Mcculloch has been poor this season but let's not forget that he's one of the ones who stayed. He has never given us less than 100% even though ability and fitness have declined. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
  12. Interestingly, he didn't really like the portrayal of himself in that famous photo. He worried about being seen as a bully when that's the last thing he was. He was hard but fair. Bremner (well known as a dirty wee bastard) had just deliberately kicked him twice on the leg he had recently broken so he let him know what he'd do to him if he tried it a third time. Still, iconic image.
  13. People are claiming it's the 15 year old but it's actually a picture of his current girlfriend.
  14. Random fact: his dad works in Greenock.
  15. Sounds brilliant. November is a shit month normally - rainy & cold. Bit of world cup football should cheer things up. And hopefully the players won't be as exhausted after being flogged for a full season.
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