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  1. An absolute no brainer because it will aid Patterson’s development so much. If/when Tav moves on Patterson needs to be ready to step in.
  2. Always forget about this until it pops up every now and then. Any idea on the story behind how is came about, or was it more common back in they days that it was sung this way?
  3. Winnable, and I say that because we have overcome bigger & better in recent seasons but under no illusions it’ll be a tough tie. Take another 9-5 right now
  4. Unreal tonight. Good point above about UCL - could be an incentive for him to have yet another year with us and push on for more silverware.
  5. Correct re: Hoffenheim but still don’t think they will go down and would still fancy the majority of Bundesliga teams to beat Norwegian opposition. Noticed the stats as well so agree on the smash and grab and that its the best draw we could probably get. Very few easy ties at this stage.
  6. You’d think Molde but that’s some result v Hoffenheim
  7. We’ve not dealt with any balls over the top at all. Defending has been very poor over both ties.
  8. Not sure about tonight (although Balogun’s booking might force Gerrard’s hand) but said to my mate last night when the apology videos came out that they would be in the squad tonight. More than half expecting Patterson to start the next domestic game.
  9. As am I mate, but depends in what the sources are. As with any of these things one study says 23 days the other says 8 weeks If it is a fairly serious one, we shouldn’t be rushing him back. He deserves the time to recover fully.
  10. Just reading there online for medial ligament injuries professionals can recover in as little as 23 days - fingers crossed for Tav. Must be his first ever injury with us.
  11. Thought he played very very well actually. I was surprised how high he was up the park as well which was fairly often. Eased my concerns a bit re: Tav’s injury.
  12. YASSSSSSSSS RK14. High time he fuckin scored fae in the box
  13. Aye mate 5 in 3, nonsense if you ask me should be able to make them when you want
  14. Some cunt want to tell curly taes its 5 subs the night
  15. We’re all over them n this ref cunt is only interested in bookin folk. Am writin a letter tae Uefa & Bulgarian FA about this prick. N al be writin it the night no even waitin tae the mornin.
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