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  1. Fs I was trying to find this for the last 10 minutes thought I was going daft absolute goosebumps at the trailer. I still don’t think its set in for me yet that it’s now reality.
  2. Or the meat aisle. Was thinking this yesterday with what was going on at Ibrox yesterday, Tesco has been shocking down this way since Christmas
  3. Some buzz. Really fancy us to go through. Our Coef must be high enough that we will be seeded in the 3rd and Play-offs surely
  4. Fuck sake we’ll need to give their keeper a medal at this rate
  5. Fingers crossed man. Now its all about the next one. For me it’s the Scottish Cup - we absolutely must go all out for it - I want it in the bag. Slightly annoying that at this point could have had the title wrapped up, the league cup already in the bag and in the hunt for the Scottish. Just need to settle for the double & I hope the players know that 🏆🏆
  6. Fuck the lot of them mate. Will never forget it all. The singing about 10 in a row before it actually happened, as many as 4 years ago, and the videos like “there’s only one shane duffy”, the tommy sheridan videos, the “can ye see the rangers comin?” patter, the general smugness and gloating. Actual get it up the lot of them I said the last 2 seasons that we could win the league and sadly we couldn’t hold up our end of the bargain. I reluctantly on a few occasions thought Gerrard would have to call it quits despite the progress we could see, but domestic success was essential. It just sho
  7. I’ll tell you what, I haven’t seen him mentioned here much today, though I have recently, but I’m sure he’s not far from everybody’s thoughts - James Tavernier. Our captain. He has been absolutely instrumental in probably all of his seasons here and he has improved 10 fold since he joined us in the lower divisions. To be with us since then until now, to captain us in recent years against much criticism from the support, must take great strength and courage. I for one can’t wait to see him lift the trophy as our captain. It is the absolute least he deserves.
  8. Yaasss superb knew when I seen your post earlier you wouldn’t last. The season is over, the loyalists have won🏆
  9. Aye that’s a tune. Already love Every Other Saturday but the tune is just top class here. You on the bevy yet mate?
  10. This song always rings true to me as I’m sure it does with every other bear. I don’t have kids yet but when I do I can’t wait to take them to Ibrox and to see their reaction.
  11. Truth be told never read the full post but 110% agree with the sentiment. However, will never, ever, ever forget the Tommy Sheridan videos Remember the one before the game at the piggery in October and he was saying how they’ve got a big big game coming up, but before they play AC Milan they’ve got a wee training game to play first against us stupid bastard. Hope he’s hurting like fuck right now. Get it right fucking up him.
  12. Aye mate its about 3 times the size of that
  13. That’s what I thought at first but done a quick pished google and didnae look as big so thought fuck it I’ll post and see if anybody else has a better clue no be long till we lift the real mccoy anyway, just getting the practice in. Then hopefully its the Scottish after it followed by the Europa
  14. Whit trophy is that we’ve brought oot the trophy room?
  15. Get it Champions Den & ChampionsMedia on the header up the tap. Cmon the Gers
  16. Remember this night well because whenever I think of Sandy Jardine I remember the speech he made before the game that night. Bizarrely seems like yesterday, but it’s been a long 10 years. Glasgow Rangers Champions.
  18. Superb. Got to praise Kent there absolutely bursting a gut to get up with play and get the overlap for the ball across.
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