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  1. Is some cunt on a motorbike in the stadium? WTF is that noise
  2. Nets have been a joy to watch again tonight - gutted I went to a game last season & not this season although probably not logistically possible.
  3. Looking forward to a day in the house, on the beers early doors watching the Bears and taking things from there Hopefully we are onit from the word go tomorrow - and not just the players!
  4. Merry Christmas to all & yours 🇬🇧
  5. Nonsense. Gives a false sense of security, and that’s the last thing our players need.
  6. Heard that Handed last season’s title through a boardroom vote, knocked out of UCL in qualifying, knocked out EL without as much as a whimper, knocked out the League Cup to a Ross County team who have now sacked their manager, 7 points behind us in the League, scraped a Scottish Cup win on penalties whilst conceding 3 against a Championship side who have lost to Alloa & Dunfermline this season; but yes they stand on top of Scottish Football.
  7. Any win will do. I think we’ll do it but it will be another tough nervy game I think
  8. This. 100% this. Absolute fucking diddy club.
  10. Feels like we’ve gone back in time. Going to be a painful remainder of the season if the last 2 are anything to go by. Side to side, back the way, side to side, in to the box, pass it back out the box.
  11. If there was doubt in the players minds after the midweek game it will have just doubled, fucking joke
  12. Voted for us obviously. Hopefully its a wake up call for the players but fuck me don’t know if I could handle another calamity
  13. JM1872


    Still having flashbacks of their goals. Utterly woeful & embarrassing.
  14. I didn’t say they were in the game, but for us being in their half for 35 mins we done absolutely fuck all. The front 3 were missing. Kent was always deep and we were sloppy in possession. We didn’t look like grabbing a 2nd and that worried me.
  15. We were well below the standards from start to finish. Every time we passed forward we passed straight back again. Said before the penalty St. Mirren were more involved than I would have liked. Sick.
  16. Confident we will win by a couple of goals here but haven’t been overly impressed so far.
  17. St Mirren have been in the game a little more than I would have liked tonight.
  18. Would like a second here before half time.
  19. The sponsors supported it. They helped make it happen. Rangers said this in their statement and for the sake of a couple of games, won’t make a bit of difference when almost every kit sold will have all/most sponsors on it anyway.
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