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  1. Good play, shit ball. Sakala and Patterson coming on, hopefully for Morelos and Tav
  2. Couple fantastic balls from Goldson already, and the one from Tav for the goal Just seems very direct, and despite being told about possession for possession sake under Gio we're not seeing it yet, a lot of intent in our play
  3. Seem to be a lot more direct, faster and having the wingers starting wider under Gio. A combination of all that is giving us a lot of space to attack
  4. Took his first goal very well today. Hopefully goes back to being a penalty box poacher and bag a few goals. Shouldn't be dropping him back at all and just keep him in the box.
  5. Rangers 2-0 Sparta Prague - Europa League, Group Stages, Matchday 5 Goals: Alfredo Morelos (2) Assists: Ianis Hagi
  6. If Makaay was saying less tricks, keep it simple people will be saying it’s great. If Makaay was saying be more confident, add some flair and creativity to your game people would also say it was great. There’s absolutely nothing to read into there. They will be judged on the pitch in the coming months
  7. It’s because Morelos has been poor for much longer than the other players
  8. Gio's job is to get the most out of the players. So let's refrain from the moaning when we see the lineups and certain players are still in the team. For all we know he'll have sat them down, had a great chat with them, found a new way for them to play and has been given a clean slate.
  9. When Gio came in, with all the talk about how he likes out and out wingers, I also thought that would be the first area in the team he'd want to change. But I think striker is the first area of the team that he needs to change. I think he can make do with the wide options we have just now, Kent is a winger, Sakala can play there, Wright is a winger too, or he can make do with the other options we've been using. I just think we urgently need a new main man up top and that would make the most difference to the team
  10. His cross field balls are getting infuriating Constantly ignoring easy short passes so he can ping the ball across the pitch to the other team and set them off on a counter attack
  11. I'm not saying he's playing well, I said he's not. But I think it's more likely that Davis plays well next week than it is that McGregor, Goldson, Borna or Morelos do. We absolutely need to still be replacing him though, we shouldn't be going into next season with Davis in the team.
  12. There's a lot of positions we would like to improve on, but being realistic, we need two players in January. We need a new CB and a new striker. If we can let Goldson go for a small fee, and then bring in someone *like* Doekhi for a small fee (no idea if he's good or not but seems rated and he's in the same position as Goldson contract wise) and then sell Morelos for whatever we can get for him, and use as much of that money as we can to bring in a new striker then I think that would make a big difference. Patterson in for Tav, Jack and Kent back in the team, Gio getting a tune out of the team, I think we'd be fine.
  13. This date is bang on the money
  14. Nothing changed today that hasn't already been known for pushing on 2 years. I'm sorry but he's done here and he needs moved on so we can build the team around a new striker.
  15. I'm not going to say Tav is finished, he definitely needs dropped and let Nathan have a run, but I can see him still performing well at some point in the future. I also don't think Davis is finished (despite his age), but off-form. However, I do think McGregor is done, and Goldson, Borna and Morelos are done too
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