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  1. Exactly mate, if it goes through without hiccup then it's a great work by them under the circumstances
  2. I'm pretty sure I saw a graphic that said that PSV's wage bill was double that of Feyenoord and Ajax's was 4x greater. The achievement was as good as it sounds and PSV and Ajax were definitely bigger than Feyenoord
  3. I know we're jumping the gun here but if Gerrard left on Thursday and we appoint Giovanni van Bronckhorst on Monday (or earlier) then the board deserve credit for that. 4 day turnover over a weekend for the number one choice candidate.
  4. Graeme Murty has tested positive for COVID. No interim managing this time. Hope he's all good though
  5. SSN just said Gattuso and McInnes are not options being considered
  6. Just got a Sky Sports notification on my phone about Rangers in talks with Gio and thought it's weird how Ross Wilson probably almost definitely also has the Sky Sports app on his phone and he'll be sitting across the table from GVB at lunch just now, has a ping on his phone, checks it, and it's Sky Sports saying he's currently having talks with GVB. Probably feels weird
  7. Someone better tell that to Robertson and Wilson cause they've went to London. Someone also better tell Gio because he's apparently also booked on a flight to London tomorrow too
  8. Aye and then Fred Rutten in the last season
  9. Don't tease us a full transcript please
  10. How many has Lampard won? He won the title, and then immediately finished exactly where Feyenoord probably should have been finishing given he had half of PSVs wage bill and a 1/4 of Ajax's.
  11. You quoted "league/cups". He's won 3. It's also only 5 seasons, one of which he was manager of a team who had just finished 12th. The other 4 he was at the 3rd biggest club and still won 3 trophies
  12. You know fine well that's a BS comparison. Do you think if Gerrard took over Motherwell they would win the league?
  13. How is it? People are acting like he took over one of the best teams and finished midtable. He took over a midtable side and finished midtable, it hardly seems like a disaster
  14. He literally finished 1 place higher in the Chinese league table than the season before he joined.
  15. Btw everyone acting like China was a big blight on GVB's record, in the two years before Gio took over, the team came 10th and 12th, Gio took over and they came 11th. It hardly seems like the blemish it's made out to be. Especially with all the other considerations around it
  16. At worst GVB had Feyenoord roughly where they should have been, in 3rd/4th competing with AZ. At best he won 3 trophies including the first league title in 18 years
  17. Actually think the board are more likely to appoint Lampard. Idk just a feeling I have
  18. Do the good work mate. Just shout across the airport at him
  19. Goldson - 4th choice at Brighton, post heart surgery Hagi - struggling at Genk who they were happy to move on Kent - Liverpool reserve after poor Championship loans Kamara - Dundee player, free transfer, no real competition Aribo - only one you can argue for, end of the day he's a League 1 player we could get for much cheaper than everyone else We overstretched our bounds on none of those transfers
  20. I still think the whole luring players thing is a myth, or at least way overplayed. If you're the size of club/league that is a step up for them and you offer them their market value wages they will sign for you. Still maintain that every player we signed under Gerrard we could have still signed with any other reasonably competent manager.
  21. Wouldn't hate Lampard getting it, think he'd be alright, but Gio is first choice
  22. Beaten to it, but aye, Lampard not going to Norwich apparently
  23. I was just taking the piss I'll leave the actual discussion to all you nerds
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