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  1. He's been our most talented player for a while, but this season has become our best player
  2. I'm assuming assists weren't given because it's probably bounced off a few defenders on it's way through, usually a deflection would still count, might be more than just a deflection though. Will have a look, but usually try to keep these numbers 'official' (even though I wouldn't award assists for a good number of them)
  3. What does it matter where the ball went? They both didn't score and Morelos' chance was better.
  4. Morelos through from Hagi's ball, in the centre of the goal, unchallenged Sakala was on his weak foot from an angle after creating the opportunity in the first place
  5. Just speaking facts mate. That chance that Sakala created for himself was not the biggest sitter missed, not even 2nd
  6. Wasn't sure on the first and third assists and can't find any videos of them yet, just gone with what Livescore have said for now. Will review when clips are out
  7. Rangers 3-0 Dundee - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 16 Goals: Joe Aribo, Alfredo Morelos Assists: Glen Kamara, Joe Aribo
  8. Good play there Shame Sakala hasn’t got his goal
  9. Shocking defending for all 3 goals from Dundee 😂 good strength and determination there though
  10. Morelos putting his hands on Griffiths face is fucking stupid btw
  11. It’s really not. He’s played 2/3 decently good passes that any Rangers player should be making, yet given the ball away a number of times from no pressure and missed guilt edged chances. He’s been dire
  12. Morelos is massively holding this team back. He needs sold and we need to move on from him
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