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  1. ITS FAR FROM OVER! We can do this. They have a game up at Inverness who defend 90mins with a strong team plus they have Hearts 2nd last game. It'll be intresting all the way to the last game
  2. I'm against IRA chanting cowards but the SFA and police will sort that out in time like our club is being sorted. Lets not point the paedo finger i hate people brining that up because if it was towards Rangers i'd be outraged. One man doesn't stand for the club. Theirs always a few bad fish that get through the net.
  3. Am away to the game hope everyone enjoys it. Heres hoping we do the business
  4. How does that make me bigoted when you have a debate both side have their point. Where have i said anyones point was invalid? Theres small detail i do agree with but some people need to grow up and relise sectarian and bigotry is no longer wanted in Ibrox!!
  5. Get a grip of yourself, but yeah it is my birth year... Actually thats what a forum is for, for people to come on and debate and express their views etc YOUR A BIGOT IN DISGUISE!!! Oh and why would i want to express my posts on Kerryfail street when i'm a Rangers fan and want our support to grow up and start acting like supporters not IDIOTS!!! Why would i be at Ibrox next season waving a tri colour? Your just a bitter bigot! One man has a view and next thing he's a turn coat? Get a grip!!! I'm British till i die! Served Britain and the Queen you'll never catch a tri colour in my hand ya
  6. Just keep walking up and down the road infront of the main stand and you'll probably get lucky. I usually walk down at the side of the complex and usually see people selling them near the barrier that splits fans.
  7. Whats better about it? Silly daft murders or murderers in your own family. If you had either in you family football would disappoint you. Scotland needs to defo kick the bigotry out, its not needed and it costs the tax payers and clubs enough as it is...
  8. I'd love to say every country in the world but thats not gonna happen is it?? Let the citizens of their own countries worry about their own problems and we'll worry about ours, apart from the bigots mind you
  9. See this is where things says gets twisted. I'd happily shake his hand for getting through what happening in his personal life, because i'm a human being whos been through shite in my life time aswel. maybe not as bad but we can all imagine living the nightmare the poor guys going through aswel as trying to do a job. Hes a short fused idiot whos actions usually bite him in his arse but in all fairness he's slowley learning his trade and suceeding as a rival manager if he has 20 threads a day started about him on Rangers and Celtic forums...
  10. You from Northern Ireland of course your gonna have that opinion and i know Ireland and N. Ireland is a really weird place to grow up. I have a mate whos from the shankhill whos told me many of mad stories. This is where it should stop though. Over there, why bring your troubles or diffrences and throw it on the Old Firm? The club needs to ban all Ulster songs IMO to help clear the bigots and make Rangers a proper British club who follow the laws. Yeah that means being political correct aswel.
  11. I totally agree, the bigots will swarm this thread in there 10's Also the many trolls RM has who have nothing better to do with their time than twist things to suit there buddy
  12. You have sympathy for what hes going through but you wouldn't shake the guys hand? Personally i think your lost, i 99% would say you where a bigot but i think you like me get mixed up and dragged in with the bigots sometimes. Growing up i was always easily lead and easily distracted but people on here made me realise my actions and how i talk on here - which is far away from quite alot of bigots on here.
  13. Probably a very small minority, even if their is. Anyways the IRA doesn't even exist anymore its that wee shitey new IRA now which the old one takes nothing to do with what so ever. Why is Rangers and Neil Lennon debate turned into a politacal IRA and WHAT IFS debate for? I shall speak no further about it as its just all verbal vomit you seem to be transmitting towards my screen via RM...
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