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  1. You can check how there going on the website, was really let down by how much have sold. About 10K max!
  2. Craig Beattie and his family are big rangers fans!
  3. The attitude of many of our youth players shows exactly what being a Ranger is all about
  4. Cant believe people still trust Green, has already lied to us and i am sure Whyte is still involved in all this
  5. Few people have mentioned that McCullochs contract is up, but his contract runs out in 2013. Just a heads up
  6. Fuck skybet, £5 minimum deposit and im sitting with £3.60 in my paypal! Any good bets for £1 tomorrow ?
  7. Anybody want to buy IF McCulloch 4-1-2-1-2?
  8. The Norwegian twins cant get a game for the 19's so forget them
  9. New owners have given me state of the art youth academy
  10. Has anybody got a save with us in Admin, or down to the third division?
  11. I just got goosebumps, this is incredible.
  12. Nobody should be embarrassed to support the worlds most successful club.
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