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  1. Too many determined for that never never to happen.
  2. 100 million we were told to catch them, This is War we were told. Remember going to that dump in 2012 and getting pumped 3-0 and we sang for AllyMccoists blue and white army and didn't stop we were bouncing even at one of our lowest points, black flags the lot from that mob and we were still bouncing. They could not survive what we went through which has made our support the most resilient and we will deserve it. So much for this is war folded at the first sign of trouble.
  3. Fucking Brilliant it's been a long road. Months to wach them implode and just laugh. We deserve this.
  4. Lisbon Lions wont see 10 in a row.
  5. Cunts must run it like a chapel.
  6. "It's not like we got on a train to London" Shots fired
  7. We are definitely missing Jack or Arfield for a bit of dig in Midfield Kamara has been excellent Aribo always seems better attacking than defending and Davis who has been consistent all season just needs a rest but what an engine at 36. Itten deserves a start which he might get against Ross County.
  8. We take care of ourselves and play like we have then we will all deserve our Title it's been a long road.
  9. GWR1979

    Ryan Kent

    He has bags of potential and pace to burn but too many times he makes the wrong pass is slack or just doesn't have the final ball. He is suffering a dip in form but still confident he's one of our best players.
  10. I think we will ramp it up after today we have been excellent up until now. Just an off day, onto the next one.
  11. Dropped points is dropped points tough fixture with Motherwell players trying to play there way into a new team. Defoe puts that shot into the other corner and we are home and hosed. If it was say 6 points in it then I probably would be worried but hard to be critical of a Rangers team who have had a near perfect start. Who fucking cares what the tarriers do on Wednesday we take care of ourselves and the league is won, no matter what happens on Wednesday in fucking Livingston if they get beat we laugh at them. They have already imploded there not scrapping anything back 2 points from there las
  12. Daily Record in bullshit to make tarriers feel better shock, null and void not going to happen, 2 Champions league places still owe sky from last year, the season will be played to completion and who knows it could be 30 points how about that £100m to catch the tarriers. Keith Jackson
  13. At least we nearly won Ten we wiped the floor with them twice in the space of two weeks and then fucked it up against Killie, at the moment they don't even look as if they can mount a challenge and look to be in free fall at board and team level, I can see this as not just a title but leaving them fucked for years, come May they are going after the board as well as there shite Manager. If not maybe before.
  14. Quality Article Tarriers who can read will be raging.
  15. Laxalt is getting his hair braided in Dubai
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