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  1. Poor performance 2nd half we don't have the right to beat anyone and on that showing we are going to struggle. Motherwells time wasting was up there with the worst I've seen we gave them that opportunity.
  2. Last 5 and we look fucked. Hoping we score but not confident.
  3. The fake outrage from BT next game we could have Mo Johnstone and Gazza at the side of the park at the piggery. Sure the GFITW will have nothing to say about that. Both these players were actually threatened for playing for our club not some orchestrated bullshit from BT. As for Lennon the first bit of paper thrown at him he would be taking a header towards the the floor.
  4. Think he's been played in a 2 man midfield most of his career. I think everyone expected a different kind of player.
  5. I hope he gets better he's made a long term commitment to the club and at 27 we are the biggest club he has played for. Hope he comes good but has been a bit of a dodgy start.
  6. When I heard he was signing I thought he would be strong and hard in the challenge not turning his back on shots. His passing is a bit poor as well. I hope he gets better but not a good start and for a big guy he's a bit of a fairy.
  7. He has been poor people have said he played well on Thursday is that because Gerrard is saying it because I just don't see it. He looks out his depth with our system.
  8. This thread is a red neck anyone can vote for who they want. The SNP are no friends of Rangers anyone stating otherwise must live in their own Nationalist echo chamber.
  9. No it didn't it's a one way street in Scotland.
  10. It was them that got rid of it.
  11. SNP are poisonous nationalists who hate everything to do with Rangers they have no accountability and feel they can attack and demonise the Rangers support any time they fuck up something like Health or Education.
  12. Filmed from 2013 going to away games.
  13. Constant filming of our away support under the offensive behaviour at football.
  14. Totally agree he needs to start just so we can see what he's about. Seems like he has pace and could be used down the flanks did well hitting the byline late on, one of the only times Lyon looked stretched at the back.
  15. We were knocked out the champions League qualifiers by Malmö. That was absolute garbage and as other posters haves said it's like a step back to our performances before covid.
  16. Even the game on Saturday would have been a slip up without a worldly from Tav.
  17. We could be 2-0 down or drawing 1-1 we could get something if we can take out chances but defence has been slack.
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