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  1. The straw grasping is mental All my English mates were looking forward to the Scotland game the most out of these initial matches. You'll never see any of the players try and downplay a game against Scotland either but people who were wanting their own nation to lose badly and got excited at the prospect are now trying to make out that it is a nothing fixture and the team that got to the semi final of the last world cup are not that good. As evidence they say look how high Croatia are in the rankings and ignore how well that they did in the last world cup. The mental gymnastics are funny
  2. We didn't surrender to the Jacobites but we'll give in to a few wee neds who had the cheek to boo someone It was only a game of football but the meltdown afterwards has been far more entertaining and that was just with a draw
  3. Exactly but some can't see their own hypocrisy. I don't even care that much about the national team anymore but I wouldn't start supporting another one in any way never mind against my own. Very strange behaviour.
  4. 'We will fight until the day is done' 'No surrender' Might as well drop those going by the way some are acting So what if the authorities and media are a bunch of hypocrites call them out on it don't become a hypocrite yourself. It was not that long ago that we were all saying that it was wrong to blame thousands for the acts of a moronic few but it seems that has been forgotten by some.
  5. If that was the case they would be calling the media and politicians out instead of hoping Scotland lose and arguing with people who still follow their country instead of surrendering to the likes of those who you mentioned. Would be funny to see them say the things said on here to the likes of Souness who didn't let the pundits get away with just saying that England played shit but that Scotland actually played well enough to neutralise them.
  6. Some meltdown tonight because England didn't win
  7. The vast amount of foreigners that I've met have spoken well about them and enjoy it when they visit. I remember reading in a Dutch newspaper about their disappointment when Scotland wasn't going to be there when they hosted it. Most Rangers fans attitude towards them comes from a hatred of our football authorities and the fact that the SNP fuckwits have tried to hijack them. The fact that the SNP won't say anything about what is happening in London after their pretend outrage at our title celebrations does nothing but further prove how big of a bunch of cunts the SNP are. There
  8. Should have at least called you a cunt to make up for it.
  9. No SNP supporter would ever admit to being delusional doesn't stop them spouting shite though.
  10. The page we laughed even more at their satanic cult Their options will be down to Sutton and Harston soon if they carry on. Probably as player managers
  11. This is not how a club should be run McKay out of there by end of season
  12. I've said it before on this thread but they are fucked. Most valuable assets want to leave and are on the last year of their contract. Season ticket refunds. Lack of season ticket sales. Court cases about to hit. Reputation is not what they pretend it is and their fans is just as bad. It could take them years to recover
  13. Howe with big Angie as his assistant would be a funny as fuck replacement though
  14. He doesn't need the money so he won't be going for the wage packet. He is hardly the mercenary type that will just swop clubs. He has recently said how much Rangers have become a part of him. Unless Liverpool come calling he won't be leaving us for any other club.
  15. Nobody says sorry I've done nothing wrong Fuck him and his shitty two bit team
  16. I have seen nothing saying that he apologised. Minimum of a year ban from all football for any racism is where we should be as a minimum. Any provable false accusations given the same for parity. You will still get people try and deny that racism exists or that it is a problem. Let them face real consequences and realise that we won't accept it.
  17. Do it then then. Just make sure she is as good as can be before she goes
  18. Well over a grand raised already so fair play to all involved. I'd like to suggest again to book yourself and your lass into a hotel for the night before your lass goes for her appointment. Have a night in relative comfort where she can have a shower the night before and on the morning of her appointment. Send her there sparkling. I doubt that anybody would have a problem using part of the funds for that. On the issue of getting the story out there could @The Dude not write something about it. I know that you normally just stick to football matters but a wee piece on Rangers fans ra
  19. Hopefully not would be good to see these cunts exposed.
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