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  1. People slagged Balogun as well saying that we showed a lack of ambition in signing him. Sure @British_Empire was one of his biggest critics before he even kicked a ball 😂 Can see Helander going for big money in the future just hope that he and the rest of the first team stay for a crack at the Champions league.
  2. Agreed although when you see Balogun on the team sheet you don't get the fear. Our defence has been something else all season, hopefully they keep it up and break new records as we cruise to the title.
  3. Handles himself well and has delivered consistently with the game time he has had. Lad has a big future and will be a great asset as we go for 56 👍
  4. That will do another three points and the march goes on. Few easy league games and European football to look forward to now over the next month happy days
  5. Half time bollocking and a couple of goals will do nicely please 👍
  6. My fucking stream is as shite as the football tonight. Give them hope and do them in the second half Rangers
  7. Seen some of them are being more realistic and have put forward Maloney as a potential new manager 😂 We can only hope 😂
  8. @Redwhiteandblue any truth to the rumours that Kal Naismith fingered yer maw whilst pumping yer burd?
  9. Can see us getting the next few to be honest
  10. Can't see it not happening to be honest. They won't go bust or be demoted as much as we all wish it but they will be financially hamstrung for a good few years to come. The negative PR from covid has already started people questioning them and 150 cases of child abuse is not going to fly under the radar. It will be open season on them and they will be well and truly under the microscope. Their usual tactics of deflection and accusations of racism/bigotry will fail them and be seen for what it is. Their sizable lunatic fringe will be protesting regularly and the threats and bigotry shown t
  11. They are fucked. Christie, Eduard and Ayer wanting away and to get anything like what they are actually worth they will need to sell them now as their value is plummeting. Any of them sold won't be replaced as the money will be used to help plug the hole in this season's finances and let's face it even they aren't daft enough to trust Lennon with any more money. If they leave now it will affect season ticket sales and if they go in the summer the return will be even less. I can also see at least one of them just letting their contract run down. They are stuck with the likes of Barkas and
  12. Football is getting rather predictable and boring so I think I'll give this one a miss. Like fuck
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