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  1. Covid and Trump two things guaranteed to send people loopy 😂 Ya traitor 😂
  2. Refusing to man up and turning your back on your country is something no Rangers fan should do. Shocked at some of the traitors within our support TBH 😂
  3. Mate people were limited to the amount of food they could have in the past by the Government, needs must. Those restrictions were not needed nor enforced longer than necessary. Of course in those days we pulled together as a nation instead of being a bunch of traitors 👍
  4. I don't have kids under 16 anywhere. I do have plenty of family under 16 in the UK. The best thing for them would be for all the adults to take the vaccine instead of some acting like fairies.
  5. In the UK at the moment doing my bit to save the country 😂 The woe is me brigade 😂 They are basically being unpatriotic. Even the Queen would tell them to get vaccinated. Imagine disappointing her Majesty and having the cheek to call yourself a Rangers fan 😂
  6. Bit of perspective. Just over a hundred years ago the country was in crisis and people were called upon to help out. So off they went to be shot at, blown up, gassed ect living in shitty trenches not seeing family for years. Even food was rationed. Of course people could refuse to help out and many did. They were put in prison. Same happened again just over sixty years ago. Churchill wasn't a tyrant. The Government didn't seize power for nefarious reasons. What needed to be done was done. Compare that to getting a wee jag. We are at war with a virus and during this crisis there will be restrictions and requirements just like there has been before. Deal with it. As crisis go this one is nowhere near as bad as the previous two mentioned and thank fuck for that no way would you want to be stuck in the trenches with the amount of pussies about nowadays 😂
  7. Well an option for later perhaps. I suppose it will depend on where Gerrard wants to strengthen in the new year and the injury situation with the squad. Big loss early in the season though, hopefully someone will take the challenge and step up.
  8. We'll know it's bad if Katic is recalled.
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