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  1. Excellent win away from home against a decent team. Wonder goal to top it off. Now hopefully they dirty child raping terrorist loving cunts get well and truly fucked tonight.
  2. https://www.vipleague.lc/3-standard-liege-vs-rangers-live-streaming In english but doing a general preview
  3. We get the qualifiers and that's it for European football. Would be good if we could get it as an add on but as we can't I'll go with a dodgy link tonight.
  4. No it isn't audio only available. I'll be watching on a dodgy link tonight.
  5. VIPLeague still works as far as I'm aware. Hope so as I will be using it later.
  6. Everything is pretty much open mate although you still have to wear face masks in shops ect so I would presume that the same would be applicable if we went round any museums or castles. Don't really fancy a skiing holiday so it will be more a sightseeing trip. Will be looking for something in the mountains for about March time when the weather is a bit better and everything is cheap and there are less people about. Also fancy visiting some of the ice caves that are all over the place so will be looking at having a few wee jaunts again.
  7. It was when the UK first went into lockdown and everything was up in the air pretty sure it is better now. Been waiting 2 weeks for her indoors to get her refund now so expecting it soon. Plenty of places letting you book them with no cancellation fee in Slovakia as well at the moment so I've been looking for somewhere to go when I get back for a few days. Some nice cabins about fairly cheap and we can just drive there that saves a lot of fucking about not knowing if the holiday will be cancelled or not.
  8. Took about 2 months for me to get mine but that was when loads of flights were getting cancelled. Waiting for a refund for the flight that my wife was going to take at the end of the month to come and visit. A lot of flights cancelled for me going home in the new year looking like I'll have to fly back from Manchester now which is a pain in the arse.
  9. I'd take every single one of the cunts out to the woods and nail them to a tree before setting them on fire 👍
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