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  1. Time to wake the fuck up. Actually well past time.
  2. Mate just phoned me up to tell me this absolutely gutted. RIP Walter and condolences to his family.
  3. They are not liking this being held to the same standards malarkey are they 😅
  4. I remember people complaining like fuck about Walter and the 'dire' football that his teams played and that they wanted to be entertained 😅 What's happening now is nothing new.
  5. Why does our form say our last match was a draw? Shambles 😅
  6. Mine too 😅 Fuckers will use anything they can so fuck them all 👍
  7. Is a weird one. I get that people can get frustrated with him and his finishing at times leaves a lot to be desired but his record speaks for itself.
  8. Got the result that we looked like having no chance of getting during the first 20 minutes. Improvement still needed no idea what has happened to the team of last season.
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