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  1. Looking forward to you booing Jack and Patterson soon
  2. I see the self loathing traitors have enjoyed themselves again On a par with McGeady to be honest
  3. Which is fair enough seeing as you are English
  4. Is this the first time that opposition players have isolated after a positive test on a player? Absolute madness really.
  5. Imagine supporting players that want to play for that team
  6. There is some absolute morons in this thread and you are the biggest
  7. That's what people have been doing at your desperate attempts to justify being a traitor to your country
  8. So you are willing to support someone who stands shoulder to shoulder with people who mock the Ibrox disaster?
  9. It's about how stupid some of the stuff said is mate He is standing shoulder to shoulder with them all afterall. Do the people complaining about fans doing it have a problem with the players doing the same?
  10. So should we be looking at selling Patterson seeing as he is more than happy to play with a bunch of taigs supported by people who mock the Ibrox disaster?
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