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  1. And there you have sheep doing what sheep do and lie Doon Tae they cunts
  2. Fuck me watched the first 5 minutes whit a couple of retards 🤣
  3. Err how you getting to 13 by sunday even if we get beat do they cunts get 5 points if they beat st Johnstone
  4. Yep new rules are for elite training or jollies which the beggars went on...only Olympics and Paralympic are exempt
  5. Awwww leave Duffy alone he's doing a great job for us haha
  6. The 10 is deid Frank noo wants Operation Rebuild lol
  7. Would you be surprised coz I sure as fuck wouldn't
  8. Hmmmmm wonder if it's Harper McLeod and that fat bastard McKenzie...if so it figures
  9. Fuck that I'm not listening to this tonight.
  10. Fuck it it's rtv for me can't listen to walker and crocker doing their best to get Alfie punished.
  11. Just seen it on kerryfail ..the mad bastards are trying to resurrect resolution 11,12,15 or whatever fuckin number they are on. Fuck me their clubs up shit creek and it's still all about us 🤣🤣
  12. I think he is in tears already 🤣
  13. Dumbert and Larson haha bring it on !!!
  14. Here we go lemon is a legend ...fuck me
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