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  1. Would love a performance from Aribo today, it’ll likely be him or Arfield taking the 3rd midfield spot next week and neither have been particularly good of late and Aribo has struggled big time vs them.
  2. Usually a tricky game vs Hibs. Extra pressure after that lot winning today. Hopefully the players can keep their nerve and ...... oh wait we won the league about 4 months ago.
  3. 😂 they’ll be gutted. They targeted Balogun and he was struggling big time in the last game and I’ve no doubt that would have been their tactic for this game too.
  4. Bit surprised by this. Would have thought the club would feel that they deserve their bans.
  5. If anyone ever needs educated on the definition of a straw man argument they have provided the greatest example of all time. Constantly talking about some bad tackles in relation to an allegation of racism 🥴 baffling. Not that it even matters but other than Roofes which was obviously a shocker I didn’t think it was that rough a tie.
  6. Some of the tune Four lads had a dream, Stevie is a G, Watch they lockdown Scotland, now they goin for the champions league, Yeah, can you see us now?
  7. He came on at 2-0 up and it went to 2-2 😅 didn’t look like the best impact at one stage. Looks like the videos been taken off Twitter
  8. Man of the match Scott Brown watches on after losing Balogun who then set up el Bufalo
  9. A lot of people saying they don’t feel up for this one. Been a strange few days but by 12 tomorrow getting the win will feel like the most important thing in the world like it always does. They havnt scored a legitimate goal against us since 01/09/19, they go into this one in poor form and with a rookie manager. Let’s give them a doing over !
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