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  1. Cannot wait for SSB to hear their lot demanding the goals at Sharkhead be measured ! Surely been tampered with!
  2. It’s great that we can play this poorly and win but it won’t last. Very lucky not to draw that game. Mark of champions is being able to play poorly and win, not playing poorly every week. Very similar to how they started the season last year. Their results up until the old firm were decent, but their performances rotten. Management team need to figure out what needs done to change these performances.
  3. I like how the commentator, fans and big Ced don’t give 1 solitary fuck that it’s a completely meaningless goal.
  4. Great player and no chance of losing him for free now 👍🏻
  5. Aye they told me to get lost. In more customer friendly language.
  6. I’d stuck a 5er on us winning. Disgrace if Willy Hill don’t pay out
  7. Defoe thrives on one on one opportunities. We don’t create those.
  8. It’s great that they lost today but the issue is if we keep playing like this there’s no chance we go to Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Livi and dont drop points.
  9. 24 shots and to be honest we never looked like scoring a 2nd
  10. Can we ever cut the fucking ball back to one of our players man.
  11. As Sakala is essentially Ittens replacement he will get his first gers goal today. In all seriousness a big chance for Sakala to show us something.
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