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  1. Even apologised for it. Knows when Gerrard hears about it he’s gna get a slap round the head.
  2. He’s so frustrating .... but that’s why we love him
  3. The fact that he can score that goal against Braga then go a handful of league games without making any kind of impact will and should result in criticism. I like Aribo and think he’ll get better but he needs to become more consistent.
  4. Fantastic performance from the first whistle to the last. As much chat as is going about that the league is over you know our enemies will still be looking in hoping for slip ups. Will be so demoralising looking in on results like these. Win at Hibs and January has been an unbelievable month.
  5. Very few passes between the two CBs. Getting the ball into midfield as quickly as possible and it’s worked well. Hopefully these goals help Aribo and Kent’s performances going forward
  6. The intensity we’ve started with has been exactly what we’ve all been asking for
  7. Brilliant. If I could have picked our first scorer it would have been Kent. He needed that.
  8. Archie choking on his own rage here
  9. First is everything, second is nothing.
  10. Fs man every night some knob calls to say “give Rangers credit”. Surely if you are phoning in you are a regular listener and have heard the previous 10 people make this point. We know we are playing well. We want to hear about the meltdown!!!
  11. There’s no way all these callers voices are this squeaky 😂 Gordon is at the wind up with the auto tune
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