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  1. Fucking brilliant watching a major international tournament with Rangers players involved!
  2. This thread explains what our qualification route looks like and who our possible opponents are. Guaranteed Group stage football no matter what. Definitely some tricky ties to get into the champs league. However at our best I think we could beat all of them over 2 legs.
  3. If (and I stress if) he apologises he can still go and fuck himself.
  4. Did anyone ask for another ?! he’s on fire
  5. Playing at the moment and scored again!
  6. it’s arrived and it’s brilliant
  7. Was looking for a thread to post this in but couldn’t see one. If there is please delete or merge. If not this can be used to chat about the Euros when they kick off. The official song has been released and its title has annoyed a certain population... #WeAreThePeople
  8. his goal and assist are in this thread
  9. Nikola Storm scored 2 of them. Should get him signed with a name like that
  10. Just scored for Oostende. Not seen it. But I heard he skinned the full team twice, rifled it top corner and shouted we are the people
  11. Fingers crossed this solves the issue once and for all. So good for us when on form.
  12. Will be no complaints from me whoever wins it. But Tav is part of the back 4 that has conceded so few goals as well as being involved in so many goals for us, so gets my vote.
  13. It’s between Tav and Goldson. I voted Tav though, his early season form created the gap between us and them which was massive for our confidence and to put the pressure on them. Will have no complaints should Goldson get it though
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