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  1. Bloody heart is racing like mad. I love Rangers
  2. Wish he could stick around for another few weeks. despise the idiot but wanted to beat him again.
  3. Got curious about Drumry school. Googled it and actually found a class photo from 1962. Just had my mind blown. Can you spot Unclebuzzy? Shit, feel really old now!
  4. You are a Drumchapel bear! I was born in Drumchapel in 1954 then moved to Canada in late 64. Is Drumry school still there? haven't been back there since 1968. Lots of bears back then in Drumchapel.
  5. This is the reverse view. Been wearing this old shirt all season. Not going to rotate it, been good luck so far, and will be in the future. 😁
  6. Actually a long way away. Good eyes help. On a side note I just asked my google assistant who the worlds most successful team is. You all know the answer!!!
  7. It is. Great result. Had 3 tins of tennents I had stashed away for my birthdday(cant get it in Canada right now). Good day. Happy birthday to me.
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