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  1. It would be good to see him get a chance in the first team at some point soon
  2. Totally agree with you on this one. We should be looking for about £8mill to £10mill for him
  3. Its good for them to get a run out. Its always good to hear Beasley was having a good game and also really good to see Little play well
  4. He is an old wanker hhonestly he needs to get a grip and shut his face
  5. Yeah it seems that its changed formats
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you have been well and truely reeled in
  7. He is a fud. Always says stupid shit like Rangers are on the back foot when we are clearly not.
  8. Are you actually Kyle Lafferty???? There is no chance he should be starting today's game if everyone else is fit
  9. Bullshit!!!! We have recouped nearly £4.5million in transfer fees this season so far and also the CL money is still too come. Why would we be going into administration????? According to WS and Bain there was money to bring in a loan signing at the end of January another reason this is shite
  10. The lack of Creativity in the team is shocking. We have too many players who just get the ball and run around liike headless chickens. Walter Smith needs to realise Fleck needs to be used more often as he has got that creative spark we are missing
  11. I personally dont think Stevie Smith should have been dropped for Papac. Smith had been playing well in the last couple of games so should have kept his place
  12. Fucking idiots honestly that baldy cunt was asking for a slap
  13. Thebank maybe alot of things but they are not stupid therefore they will not demand all players sold to reduce the debt. However what they may ask is that some players are sold and replaced with cheaper ones like Boogie sold for a profit and a % used for his replacement etc.
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