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  1. 26 points from the 39 available guarantees it, obv comes down when they drop points
  2. Exactly, my Killie ticket went “missing” in the post
  3. Just had this from family member in ticket office when I asked them to check my collection option today. “Too many thousands of folk wanting to collect tickets less than a wk to turn them around, so they were all going first class post, club taking the hit, not special delivery.”
  4. Also was it not a pish ball again from Wes to RK just before the Holt booking? Kick it the fuck up the park instead of playing ourselves into trouble. Very stupid distribution from the keeper on both occasions
  5. Unfortunately that'll never happen, Rangers players have obviously been told to play tippy tappy pish as if they're playing FIFA, must score the perfect goal. I'll take any fuckin goal the shite were being subjected to just now, we pose very little threat to teams and we've only scored 27 league goals this season, pathetic.
  6. Good, means I'm just making a political statement when I use the word fenian.
  7. Get Tavernier tae fuck, he's been utter shite for god knows how long
  8. I'd take a home shirt, regal blue training top and a training jacket (sponsored or unsponsored) if there's any available, cheers
  9. Shitebag, hid the whole game, can't remember the last time he brought something to a game, how he survives 90 mins I'll never know
  10. Possible, if I hear more I'll pass it on
  11. Yep, just a heads up, just passing on info I received 20 mins ago, hopefully sorted sooner rather than later
  12. Messaged Rfc52 the source as he was first to query but thought people should be kept aware
  13. Apparently contract with Puma has been terminated today no more info at the moment or what this'll mean for kit etc, apologies
  14. I've had the misfortune to know of McLean for 12-15 years as his local watering hole was also mine, (which I very rarely visit now, used to be mixed 50/50 but the nappy rippers have taken over, 75/25) a more smarmy, bigoted, poisonous weasel you'll struggle to find, no idea of the Scott character though.
  15. I know it's only the end of his first season but already he'll always have my utmost respect for his transformation of our club, overseeing a much needed overhaul of our playing squad/youth team, coaching and entire footballing philosophy. To do that on a significantly smaller budget than previous managers and get fans eager for the next game and enjoying our football, all whilst showing the dignity and professionalism that a Rangers manager should, already justifies a salary increase. He may only stay for the three years (personally I hope an extension is in the rumoured new deal) but when the day comes that he leaves, then I'm sure we'll all be happy with what he's turned our club into.
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