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  1. In response to the original question then yes I would look to replace MW but only if I was certain that I could replace him with someone better and at the moment that looks a very difficult task. We have got a very average squad of players, with many contracted for the next 1-3 seasons on good money so we are stuck with them unless someone comes in for them and they agree to move on or we need to pay out their contracts which we cannot afford to do I would think. Our latest financial report shows an improving picture but still in the red so there will not be much money available to spend on new players fees, signing on money, wages etc etc any time soon it would seem. I am only a fan and have no working knowledge of how things run in the football world and what makes a managers job attractive but I don't know who we could get to replace the current manager then inform them that they are expected to win the league, win one or other of the domestic cups while preparing for a return to European competition with an average squad, little money to bring in fresh talent and supporters who are looking for almost instant success based on past memories as opposed to our current reality.
  2. Watching from a distance my first impressions of our new manager are positive ones. He looks, and talks like the manager of Rangers should in the public arena. He has obviously spent time gaining a thorough grounding in the game and he appears to have excellent contacts within the game in the U.K and beyond which hopefully helps us in bringing players in as we move forward. The one thing I worry about is that he must be given the time to do his job probably without the knee jerk response so often demonstrated by a section of our support who seem to have forgotten where me are currently placed in the football world not where we used to be in the glory days when the Champions league music was regularly heard around our beloved Ibrox. I am right behind our new management and quite truthfully any one not willing to give them a chance need only remember what a very average Motherwell side recently did to us for all to see!! There is a massive job to be done to bring the glory days and nights back and I think the first significant steps on the journey are being taken by our new management team.
  3. After he left Rangers he played for a while at Airdrie. Was told by a friend who was there at the same time that he was 100% professional in the way he trained and prepared for games. One of the first to be their for training and games, really tried to help the younger lads in any way he could even down to encouraging everyone to make sure they were in a suit complete with club tie etc etc for all match days as he felt it was important for the squad to look and act professional at all times. Probably drummed into him during his time at Ibrox. By all accounts a really decent guy and a big Rangers man.
  4. I would take Calderwood and Nichol no problem. Contract for rest of this season plus one more. Two hard workers with experience, exactly what we need and can realistically afford at this time.
  5. McDowall has to go now - AGREED. End of discussion and debate.
  6. Wake the feck up and see our humiliation. The team that Ally largely signed, awarded handsome contracts to, allegedly coached and shaped has just been BUTT FUCKED for all the football world to see. He should be ashamed of his legacy. How on earth do we move forward??
  7. Bring in Billy Davies. FFS that would only make it worse. We need a clear out from top to bottom of coaching staff, we need a new manager who is not a so called Rangers man but a positive football man with courage, credibility and vision. Somers and the hangers on need to go ASAP, preferably by the end of the year. I followed the game today from Australia, I am embarrassed by what we have become. God help us when we play Celtic in the cup game.
  8. The Easdales and Somers deserved the wrath of the crowd at the AGM for sure. Llambias most certainly did not. From what I have seen and read and heard about him he might well be the beginning of some positive change for us. He is obviously Ashley's man and considering Ashley is a self made Billionaire, he must be fecking good at his job too be working for Ashley as no way does he employ any duds. Yes, we might have to see people losing there jobs including Ally, who I think will be judged more kindly in the future than at the moment. Yes we might have to endure another season out of the top league but I am starting to see that Llambias/Ashley are the future for our great club. We need investment, we need direction and we need strong leadership. The fact that Ashley and Llambias are not " Rangers Men" at the moment doesn't mean they couldn't turn out to be amongst the most valuable Rangers Men of the future.
  9. It is after midnight here in Perth Australia where I live. I have stayed up to hear what the outcome of Ally and the Board's meeting was. If, as seems likely he is staying on as manager then I am stunned, disappointed and outraged beyond belief. We are fucked, probably another season in this league, probably humped in the Celtic game and definitely the laughing stock of Scottish, British, European and World football. This is my worst ever day as a Rangers fan.
  10. Not only is Ally on the same gravy train as numerous others but he seems to be wanting a shot at driving the fucking thing. 750K as a pay off would be the final insult to a club which has treated him like a king financially since he joined us. If he is not a wealthy man by now with plenty put away for a rainy day it is not Rangers fault. Walk away with no final payment and be remembered how you deserve to be not in the same way as Whyte, Green and co.
  11. I would imagine both sides, Ally and the Board, are behaving exactly as they are obliged to legally and contractually at this time. No one is going to walk away from this looking good. Sad state of affairs at our beloved club.
  12. I cannot see him voluntarily resigning as this would mean he recognizes and admits that the job as Rangers Manager was and is beyond his abilities. He must and needs to be removed ASAP. I expect he would demand every single pound and penny and share option that he is contractually entitled to and the club will have to pay it. It would , I imagine be a considerable sum. It would however be a bargain compared to the cost of leaving him as manager and watching more of what we saw against Alloa etc etc.
  13. Read an article recently about Bobby Williamson and what he has been doing on his football travels. Although an ex player, from long time ago, I would seriously consider him. Has worked in wide variety of places, often with little resources and done ok. A hard no nonsense man who wouldn't stand for the dross we are watching week in and out. I imagine the facilities at Murray Park would be far removed from anything he has had access to ever and just feel that someone with his clear passion for football is just what we are needing instead of going for someone who isn't currently managing or has no previous experience in the Scottish managerial game.
  14. It is time for Ally, Kenny McD and the others to go but unless our club has the money available to pay out their contracts then we are stuck with them. I cannot see them walking away for nothing as that is not how things work in the real world. I don't see us winning the league if they stay but how can they be made to leave if they demand there contracts be paid out? This is a nightmare for our club and I cannot see a way out.
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