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  1. Thanks for the update Wully i never had time to read every single post as i was working all day to pay for my season ticket.
  2. See the folk plucking figures out of nowhere. How about we wait until the club have looked at the report they are carrying out and earmark a section/stand to be considered for SS. Then we can base the figures on facts. Nobody knows how much it will cost and if the 6 and 10 million quoted on here earlier by some posters is true, then i would also be against SS, as it wouldnt be worth the money. But to try and force these lies down peoples throats as you seem to think your views matter more than any other supporters on here and try base your whole debate on lies, kinda sums up where we
  3. "Damaged our club even more" okay please explain how the UB damaged the club even more by a boycott? The club was being run by a couple of crooks, granted King isnt sqeaky clean either but a damm site better than the previous regime. Anyway way off topic and another clear post just to bash the UB and avoid the main reason for the thread. Again classing one fan better than another is horrendous patter. Stop looking for reasons to put a negative on every discussion regards SS. Instead come up with valid reasons why you disagree with the idea and keep them for the debates ah
  4. Part of me wants to see him turn it around. I think we will probably beat Ross County next week but think its also just delaying the inevitable and sadly think the job is way to big for him. I also dont see a ready made replacement to come in and make a big enough change this season imo. hope im proved wrong
  5. Its all the UB's fault the atmosphere was dire yesterday? The group start songs for the purpose of making a better atmosphere, not to drown out our own fans, thats just ridiculous
  6. No this is everything that is wrong at Ibrox. What makes you think you are anymore of a fan than the UB lads? Im pretty sure they are all Rangers fans too! You have RENTED a seat for over 30 years. You never invested nothing, you gave Rangers 5k. The group has looked at various issues on costs and would be willing to compensate other fans that were to relocate as well as various ways of fundraising. "Us season ticket holders" again what makes you different from the 500 or so in the UB section that also have season tickets? Im a bigger fan than you patter at its worst.
  7. The Union Bears would like to encourage all Rangers fans attending this weekend's match in Leipzig to participate in a collective fan march to the ground. We plan on meeting at 2:00pm at Market Square, located in the centre of the city close to the main train station, and leaving to walk to the the stadium at 2.15pm on matchday. Let's show the world once again the collective strength of our great support! Union Bears - No Surrender
  8. Heart Felt condolences to the family of the bear who has passed away, i hope all the other bears involved have a speedy recovery.
  9. These will be available on the stall soon, check our facebook page for updates.
  10. Aye, we asked for Ashleys money hahahaha
  11. Yes we are still producing merchandise which is available at the Union Bears stall located at the Broomloan gates at most home games. Donation buckets are also located here for anyone wishing to donate this way thanks
  12. Not awkward at all Wully. Please explain....
  13. Im older than you wee man so how bout you come and wash my windows
  14. The Union Bears is a self funded group, in order to produce banners and displays like the above we rely on merchandise sales & donations. If you would like to make a donation towards these displays then you can do so by clicking the following link which will take you to our PayPal donation page - http://tinyurl.com/phw9jog Any amount – big or small would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your continued support. Union Bears
  15. "Risk assessments". Jeezo, modern day football. :-(
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