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  1. No it doesn't, it prevents the infection establishing or progressing by enabling an immune response which will fight infection and reduce/nullify symptoms. The Flu vaccine is protective, specifically, against certain strains and may reduce symptoms from other strains, you can still 'get the flu' even if vaccinated. Its entirely different to the Covid vaccines as they are specific for the single virus. There are a number of strategies the various covid vaccines are using to protect. This is from a Sky news article. 'The Oxford vaccine works like a traditional inoculation where a
  2. No it isn't possible at this stage. There are extremely vulnerable people who are way higher on the priority list than the squad. Many Rangers fans will be in these groups and they have much greater need for the current vaccine supplies. Once the vaccine is more widely available to the general population then they can get the vaccine but definitely not at the expense of those in greatest need.
  3. The situation is different in England, but you, surely, would know that. Maybe you should have made the point above in the original response. I know a few Rangers fans who went to Catholic schools (not through choice) so fully aware thanks. Of course it doesnt/shouldn't matter as long as they want to play for us. Yours was hardly the best response to the issue as its easily shot down. Anyone, Everyone.
  4. He only went as it was the best school in the area for football at the time. Its been explained in a number of interviews over the years, even when it wasn't really an issue during his playing career. He would have gone to any school if it had a better sporting reputation. 'Although not a Catholic and living outside the catchment area, Gerrard attended Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School upon the recommendation of his primary school teacher, whose husband was a PE teacher there, due to its superior football reputation over more local schools.[5][6]'
  5. I thought it was a Manfred Mann appreciation thread.
  6. Part of the issue is Rangers players, on their rare call ups, being booed by the Tartan Trannies, the banner in the OP and many other anti-Rangers views expressed by them and the ongoing issues caused by the corrupt and taig led institutions running the game. I'm quite happy as my country (however dull it was) are going to be on a plane to Russia next summer and, hopefully, they'll be joined by the GAWA and the Welsh (DJ getting a recall, of course).
  7. You'd think the TA be used to No by now. No Indepence No qualification No soap
  8. One of Jock Wallaces former clubs. Will be drinking in the Wallace Suite on a few occassions this season. They play in blue and white as well.
  9. Then thats around 25% of the current fans then. I've never met a West Ham fan who supports anyone but West Ham the only connection they have is the odd player like Hartson and McAvennie. Like most English fans they couldn't care less about Scottish football in general.
  10. My Greek colleague, who is a season ticket holder, would be surprised at that idea as am I having worked in London for 17 years and met Chelsea fans of many nationalities. You could say most EPL clubs are British. If you are using the make up of their fanbase as a criteria, Millwall and West Ham are considerably more British. If you were talking about the 1980s you'd have a point but then they were getting very small crowds in the old Second division. The Shed was pretty much all English at that point but I guess not many of their foreign fans fancied an away day at the Abbey Stadium or
  11. Roman Abramovich would disagree as would most of English football. Its not like Mickey Droy or Peter Rhoades-Brown still play for them.
  12. Don't forget topping your car up with £16.90 of fuel just out of pure staunchness.
  13. Not if they've come from England to the game. Can't get square down here, have had to make my own but its not the same. Its like Stornoway Black pudding can't get it here either. Not really a money spinner though. Could expand the megastore to include a deli counter.
  14. Maybe he meant Rovers. They've just shown their abilìty to get value for money. Barton Rovers FC– ‏@bartonroversfc Deadline day signing news, not to be out done by the 'Big Boys' we have spent £6.99 at Homebase on a new rake #NonLeague its how we roll
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