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  1. He was highly regarded when he was at Man United few years back. Turned down a contract offer there. Available on a pre-contract so not much of a risk and has had a decent start to the season at Blackburn.
  2. Can't remember when I switched but use Amazon pretty regularly so I'm just over £13 so far. The Foundation should promote this more, its such an easy set up.
  3. With a game in hand and 2 points ahead of that lot.
  4. I don't think it's specifically for Cove but, if the hearing isn't next week he may be available for the Hibs game if Tav still isn't ready. I think the unfairness is the biggest issue though. I'm not holding my breath for any change in the punishment or the bias.
  5. I'm guessing it's so Patterson can still play while Tav gets back up to speed. It's also highlighting the stark difference in punishments for our team in contrast with that lot.
  6. It goes even further back than that. We had signed Walter Tull but, unfortunately, he was killed in France before he could play for us.
  7. They did get Arsenal in the draw at lunch time.
  8. Sent a donation on Thursday, used the bank details from before.
  9. There's no way that was a red, it was a yellow at worst, Fagerson has gone in perfectly. Its the problem with modern rugby. The officials seem to forget its a contact sport.
  10. How about these guys as a stand by option? https://www.historicaircraftcollection.ltd.uk/display_information.htm Not the Red Arrows but some quintessential British aircraft.
  11. No it doesn't, it prevents the infection establishing or progressing by enabling an immune response which will fight infection and reduce/nullify symptoms. The Flu vaccine is protective, specifically, against certain strains and may reduce symptoms from other strains, you can still 'get the flu' even if vaccinated. Its entirely different to the Covid vaccines as they are specific for the single virus. There are a number of strategies the various covid vaccines are using to protect. This is from a Sky news article. 'The Oxford vaccine works like a traditional inoculation where a spike protein of the virus is injected which the immune system builds up a response to if the real virus enters the body. Both the Pfizer and Moderna jabs use technology known as mRNA, which introduces into the body a messenger sequence that contains the genetic instructions for the vaccinated person's own cells to produce the antigens and generate an immune response.'
  12. No it isn't possible at this stage. There are extremely vulnerable people who are way higher on the priority list than the squad. Many Rangers fans will be in these groups and they have much greater need for the current vaccine supplies. Once the vaccine is more widely available to the general population then they can get the vaccine but definitely not at the expense of those in greatest need.
  13. The situation is different in England, but you, surely, would know that. Maybe you should have made the point above in the original response. I know a few Rangers fans who went to Catholic schools (not through choice) so fully aware thanks. Of course it doesnt/shouldn't matter as long as they want to play for us. Yours was hardly the best response to the issue as its easily shot down. Anyone, Everyone.
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