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  1. Fuck off then cye 👍🏻
  2. A small piece about Griffith’s, not what you would think, apparently he was showing signs of being back to his best in the Dundee derby, and he hopes celtic have a recall clause, has Wednesday be swept under the carpet, surely not 😂
  3. Doesn’t make him shite tho.
  4. Only fellow like minded people would defend and have sympathy for that.
  5. A bit weird and perverted those comments.
  6. Come on the champions the day, let these bastards know, why we are and shut them fucking up. 🔴⚪️🔵
  7. Never seen Algeria play before, but hes tall and got pace, people were questioning the signing due too lack of goals in Finland, he’s raw and something the coaches here can work on, he will be a first team player for us.
  8. They have spent good money for that league, got them to win it tho.
  9. Place will be picking up numbers by 9, have a gentle walk about George square thEn to ibrox, then select a pub.
  10. Broendby are 6 games into their league without a win, Lyon just one win in their 4 league games, Sparta being the on-form team of the group so far 4 wins and a draw in their 5 games, if we keep this squad and even add to it, we should be fancying our chances to progress in the group, a still think winning it is very likely for us.
  11. If Kent’s available then Arfield drops out, and if wrights available hel start on the bench imo.
  12. Their defence are fuxking pish they 2 goals conceded are comical, we will beat them.
  13. Need to sort the defence out for me, Goldson playing abso terrible, Borna played as expected with no games behind him, mid and attack were good, Alfredo coulda scored 3, Aribo twice hitting the sticks.
  14. Looking fit and happy, what we love to see from him.
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