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  1. He's not quite at the Britney Spears head shaving level of breakdown but he's getting closer
  2. Tbh there's nothing wrong with them furloughing the youth team, its just a horrendous bit of PR in the wake of Dubai
  3. Glad they've not let us down
  4. When its been over a day since celtic last played or made a statement
  5. See Gavin Strachan has come out saying they only regret that Julienn caught it, not that they were in Dubai in the first place. Another excellent PR move.
  6. Its as if they try and make each day more of a shitshow than the last
  7. Think that twitter account has a history of chatting shite. Hopefully not here though
  8. Safe to say very little work has been done today
  9. Will they even be regularly tested?
  10. Dubai 2k20 is looking like a very rash lads holiday
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